10 Jun 2022

Interview: Wolflust (2022)


The following interview was done with War Metal titans WOLFLUST.

Hails! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, man. Can you tell us a little bit about how Wolflust emerged and your influences?

R: Greetings! WOLFLUST was formed by Cernunnos Legion - War proclamations, distortions blastbass and sulfuric vomits, Trojillo - Artillery, ammunition and warhammer of doom, with the aim of producing a chaotic WAR DEATHBLACK METAL, rescuing the old spirit of the 80s/90s, inspired by the gods: SARCOPHAGE(old), BLASPHEMY, HELLHAMMER, SODOM(old), ANGELCORPSE, CONQUEROR, MUTILATOR(old), and others.

Tell us about your Satanic Megatons EP and the overall reaction from underground maniacs.

R: When we recorded our ep we had no pretensions, our intention was just to record all our hate and anger in the form of music, we were really impressed with the acceptance of the material in the Underground environment, in all this ep has so far had 7 different versions, 2 on tape(Davao Hellsbangers/Philippines and Southwindland recs/Brazil), 2 on cd(hammer of damnation recs/Brazil and Anti-human prods./Canada), Box cd(Anti-human prods./Canada) on LP(9 Brazilian labels and Raise the dead Recs/England). Until today we receive many messages from maniacs from all over the world commenting on this material.

The sound on that EP is absolutely merciless. Can we expect more of the same with the next attack?

R: Our intention is for each upcoming material to sound as brutal and wild as possible, in WOLFLUST you will never find new trends or fads, only the most profane and brutal WARDEATHBLACKMETAL like the old days! Stand by because the worst is yet to come!

Your band’s name derives from an Angelcorpse song, so it would be reasonable to assume they had a big influence on you? What do you think about an Angelcorpse reunion?

Yes, Cernunnos and I are fans of ANGELCORPSE, for us it is a direct inspiration and influence. Unfortunately the shows of this tour that would take place in Brazil were cancelled due to the pathetic Brazilian producer who screwed everything up.

Who did the artwork for the Satanic Megatons EP? It's pretty sick!

The cover was made by a renowned Brazilian artist called Marcos Miller, he has done several covers for other bands like Exterminate, Mental Horror, Cauterization, and many others. And we will continue to work with him to make the arts for the next materials.

You covered Bathory’s classic “Sacrifice”. How much of an influence is Quorthorn on your band and what do you think of their later Viking era?

Yes it was an immense honor for us to be able to record our version of the song “sacrifice”, as Bathory is a huge influence not only for us but also for thousands of other bands around the world. Personally, I prefer Bathory's early stage more, but all of his works are magnificent!

What can you tell us about the scene there in your city, and which active bands do you think are worth checking out from Brazil?

I live in a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, there is no scene in my city and no bands. Brazil has always been a barn of great bands that served as inspiration for the rest of the world, currently there are several bands doing excellent works such as: Necrosound, Açoite, Necrogosto, Luvart, Havok666, Kanvass, Ceremony, Antichrist Hooligans, Sade, Negro Bode Terrorist, Barbatos, Spiritual Hate, Diabolism, and many others.

Tell us a bit about your lyrics and what inspires them.

Our lyrics deal with themes of wars, death, desecration, and against all religions that manipulate and imprison human beings. We follow as inspiration the themes addressed in albums from the early 80s/90s such as show no mercy, endless pain, seven churches, morbid visions, INRI, infernal overkill, in the sign of evil, fallen angel of doom, among others..

For some people, metal is just a phase, but for others it's a lifetime pursuit. What does it mean to be a diehard metal heathen? Also, how do you feel about people formerly into black/death converting to Christianity?

Well, I've been in this for over 30 years, so I don't think it's a phase hahaha, really I have Metal for me as a lifestyle, there isn't a day that I don't listen to Metal in my life. Unfortunately our country is an extremely Christian country, and many get into this shit looking for something illusory or that will bring them salvation or a better life in some fantasy place. Metal has never had anything to do with religion, Metal has always been anti-Christian and always will be, so we will always execrate the pathetic people and bands that call themselves White Metal.

What’s currently on your playlist?

I listen to a lot, I'm a real maniac who looks for new bands all the time, I can tell you the bands I'm listening to this week: KANVASS, ARCHGOAT, GBK, IMPURITY, GOATSMEGMA, BLASPHEMY, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE, CHRIST DENIED, MALIGNANCY, THORYBOS , between others.

It goes without saying that Brazil has an endless supply of great bands. What do you think makes people from there want to play such violent and intense music?

Certainly the reason Brazilian bands create songs with so much hate, anger and violence, is the portrait of our lives and realities, we are a third world country, with a totally fucked up economy, where the vast majority work themselves to death, we pay the highest taxes on the planet and we have no return, the vast majority do not have access to good education, medical care or security, violence in large centers is gigantic, that is, the brutal and violent sound is just a reflection of our lives.

What can you tell us about your other band Industrial Noise? It seems the band has been around for a time!

Yes, I created INDUSTRIAL NOISE in 1993 as a totally noise project, then in 1998 it became a band with rehearsals and shows, we released dozens of materials such as demo-tapes, cds, 7eps, etc.. We are currently stopped since the beginning of the pandemic. But a year ago I formed another band with another member of INDUSTRIAL NOISE, it's called ACUSTIC NEUROMA, the sound is a mix of death metal and grind, in the old style like bands like BLOOD, REPULSION, F.O.G., DEPRESSION.

Thanks for your time, Mauro! The Satanic Megatons EP rips. I hope to hear more of the same with the next assault. The last words are yours.

Thank you very much for the interview and space given to WOLFLUST! Very soon we will have several releases coming out like a new EP and other split's 7'EPs, and also other news, keep in touch! Keep up the war against white-shit shit and fake metal! Fuck Peace! Praise war!!!

9 Jun 2022

Interview: Brutal Sphere (2022)


New interview with French Death Metal band BRUTAL SPHERE.

Hello guys! This is Jim behind the keyboard and editor of DBH Webzine. How’s everything going and what have you been up to since the release of your killer debut album?

First of all, the recording of this album was a living hell, because I am convinced that god did not want us to release it, first of all our first singer left the group for no reason (surely his wife, ahh ahh) so we had to look for another singer and after some tests we came across Nick and there we knew that it was him, it is really great, and then there was a series of extremely unlikely events that made us lose a lot of time.

How long were you working on “World Decomposing by Vermin” and what was the overall recording process like? What inspired the title?

Ah yes on your previous question the title comes from the fact that man is the scourge of the world and that it is rotting because of him. And for the sound I'm a big fan of morbid angel, but in no way do we try to emulate them.

When you wrote your debut, did you have a particular sound in mind? I heard some similarities to Cianide and Bolt Thrower, as I mentioned in my review.

For my part, as I told you I am crazy about morbid angel, it is for me the very essence of death metal evil, and some bands are unique like sarmat, mortify, necrovorous, etc...

What is the secret to writing a solid and memorable Death Metal album, and do you think you’ve achieved that with the debut?

I don't know if there is a secret but what is certain is that there are catchy riffs that stay stuck in your head and for me it is not the fastest riffs that are the best

Do you think that being self-critical is a good or a bad thing for musicians? Or does too much self-criticism lead to a lack of progress?

I think that reviews are good to take, good or bad, it allows you to evolve and see what is going and what is not. He who does not like them will never evolve.

Do you have any pet peeves about the state of metal today, and if so, could you please elaborate?

Yes there are more and more unfortunately, for me it is serious music with a certain state of mind and these minds lose it. Some young metalheads take this music from the fun and known bands that are no longer in the spirit of what death metal is. It's like in all styles of music, there's a spirit that goes with it and if you don't you'll be.

10 albums you can’t live without.

Morbid angel, suffocation, the first deicide, gorguts, pestilence, crummer, marduk, belphegor, morta skuld, magoth.

What's next for Brutal Sphere? Will you be playing any shows? What can we expect from the band in the future? Thanks for your time and all the best!

So the next step is to propose a new album, we already have some riffs, and that's why it will evolve in our riffs, it will always be dark but more violent. We got a new guitarist and drummer so our line-up is complete. It will be complicated to see each other because we all live far from each other but we are motivated and we will get there if the problems do not slow us down. And of course we will try to play some concerts once everything is in place. Thank you for your interest at brutal sphère.

5 Jun 2022

Album review: Bloody Redemption – Infected Minds (2017)


Bloody Redemption – Infected Minds


Support Underground

Bloody Redemption is a quartet hailing from  Revúca, Slovakia, playing traditional-styled death metal with a rather clear production. “Infected Minds” is the band’s debut full-length, and it doesn’t look like the band have released any prior material, which is a bit unusual, though it seems the members have some experience in other bands, such as Pyopoesy (hilarious name), Guzzle Booze, and Marturos. Anyway, onto the music.

I would describe Bloody Redemption's style as old-school modern death metal. The influences are obviously taken from classic bands, although the production leans more to the polished side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here, it only serves to enhance the already solid performance. In terms of tempo, the band keeps the music in the mid-pace zone, while audible bass lines and solid percussion repeatedly pummel the listener as if he/she were a punching bag. There is a good balance between melodic hooks, technicality, and heaviness in the riffs. The vocals here are guttural growls with some power behind them, which suits the sound of the band.

The debut album, “Infected Minds”, is pretty damn good, though there is always room for improvement. For instance, I think the compositions could use some refinement, and maybe a little more heaviness wouldn't be so bad. The production, while solid, is perhaps a bit too clean for my taste when it comes to death metal, though I can still appreciate the music. Overall, a killer debut album of old-school-inspired death metal by these Slovakian underground fiends. Check it out. (HT)

Demo review: Euthanized - Sanguine Spectacle (2021)


Euthanized – Sanguine Spectacle


Helldprod Records

Euthanized is a Victoria-based trio from British Colombia, Canada, playing vile and raunchy black metal the way it’s meant to be played. "Sanguine Spectacle" is the band's second demo (and fourth release overall). The band had already released a self-titled demo in 2016, the "Riches among Refuse" EP in 2018, and the "A Pact from The Grave" split with Cultist in 2019.

Venom-spewing vocals accompanied by low-tuned and evil sounding guitars assault the listener on the first track, which also features a Motorhead-inspired solo near the end. Drum beats are simple, but well-balanced in the mix, staying mostly in a mid-pace range. One of the features I adore most about Euthanized is the vocalist’s propensity for all-out maddening rage, which brings to mind Maniac from Mayhem’s Deathcrush era. It's aggressive, heavy as hell, raw, and very old-school sounding, which is my kind of black metal. Most of the tracks are around three to four minutes long, which is more than enough time to sink your teeth into Euthanized's aural carnage. On the last track, the band covers Venom's classic "Live Like An Angel", which is not only a great choice for a cover, but is also executed flawlessly.

I think this is an excellent demo by a band that completely surprised me with its ancient and passionate sound that is a throwback to old times without being a weak copycat of its influences. There is a real sense of conviction in their sound, which should appeal to fans of bands like (early) Mayhem, Sarcofago, and Katharsis. I look forward to the full-length. (HT)

4 Jun 2022

EP review: Ominous Reflections – Die Ewige Swart Lig (2021)

Ominous Reflections – Die Ewige Swart Lig

South Africa

Morbid Ways To Die / Rigor Mortis Productions

Based in Johannesburg (one of the world's most crime-ridden cities), the one-man entity known as Ominous Reflections ignites the South African scene with raw and sinister black metal. (Formless Devotion is another project from South Africa worthy of note.)

After releasing a demo back in 2014, "Die Ewige Swart Lig" is the band's first release in seven years. Musically-speaking, the material is pretty impressive and on par with many more prominent acts. The atmosphere conveyed is soaked in a pitch-black aura, while the overall mood feels decidedly misanthropic. The style is very ‘90s-influenced, and while it doesn’t offer anything new, I must say the music definitely brims with fury and passion. It’s refreshing to hear a black metal project from South Africa that’s serious and that doesn’t just outright copy its influences.

The production is, as you might anticipate, raw, yet absolutely suitable for this style of music. Tempo-wise, the music is mostly mid-paced, with some fast segments interspersed throughout, providing the necessary balance to the songs. Raven's vocals are hateful screams that emanate from some deep and tortured place. I find Ominous Reflections to be very similar to Polish black metal bands such as Thunderbolt, Szron, and Furia.

Being an avid black metal fan myself, I can certainly vouch for the project’s potential. This EP is thoroughly enjoyable, and it certainly deserves credit for being produced in a country that isn’t exactly known for providing quality black metal to the world. Looking forward to Ominous Reflections’ next release and curious to see how the project will develop. (HT)

Album review: Thecondontion – Supercontinent (2020)


Thecondontion – Supercontinent (2020)


I, Voidhanger Records 

Thecondontion is death metal quartet based in Rome, Italy, and “Supercontinent” is their debut full-length from 2020, released by I, Voidhanger. Having reviewed their excellent split with Vessel of Iniquity recently, I decided to review their debut album as well.

The band refers to their style as “prehistoric death metal,” and I absolutely cannot think of a better way to describe their music. Thecondontion can be distinguished from other bands in the sense that they don't have any guitars, instead relying on two bassists to act as guitars. The bass playing is done exceptionally well and features lots of delay and reverb, giving the music a somewhat psychedelic effect. Aside from that, they have a pretty unique sound with plenty of variation in the songwriting.

The overall production is decidedly raw and lean, emphasizing groove by way of lethal bass riffs, which works like a charm. Imagine if bands like Impetigo, Pungent Stench, and The Jesus Lizard were thrown in a blender. That's basically what we have here, even though their music isn't that easy to categorize. The sound and spirit embodied by the band is death metal through and through, and yet they have managed to create something distinctive in a genre in which it’s difficult to invent something new.

The vocals are emphatically harsh and raspy, reminding me of Mark of the Devil from Cultes Des Ghoules. In terms of musicianship, the band proves its worth by displaying a strong sense of craftsmanship and a knack for artistry. Overall, this isn't your typical death metal band, but if you're looking for something creative and different, then look no further. This is a very enjoyable album. Also, those who enjoy bands like Antediluvian, Karnarium and Demilich should check them out. (HT)

6 May 2022

Album review: Velka - Purgatori Ignis Ludicium (2022)

Velka - Purgatori Ignis Ludicium


Base Record Production / Necromance Records

Hailing from the Basque Country (sovereign region in Spain), Velka is an autonomous black metal band and “Purgatori Ignis Ludicium” is their debut album released by Base Record Production & Necromance Records.

The band may refer to their music as black metal, and that’s fair enough considering the overt amount of blasphemous riffs and evil feeling that prevails in their music, but the ferocity they exude also brings to mind extreme black/death by way of old Belphegor, or fast-paced black metal like Impaled Nazarene or Handful of Hate. Musically, Velka is its own entity, and they deliver a strong performance full of power, energy and musicianship to rival with the best.

The first track, “Eternal Hate Awakens”, is a nine-minute stomper that opens this album in brutal fashion, with lightning fast drums, muscular riffs, and vocals that alternate between aggressive rasps and menacing growls.

The rhythmic guitars carry the music, while the drums are nifty and add a good deal of variety. The vocals are perfectly balanced in the mix – not too loud, nor too soft. A mixture of morbid melodies and sledgehammer brutality fills the show with high-octane energy and pure raw rage.

Despite its seven tracks, the average track is about 7-8 minutes long, assaulting the listener with a non-stop barrage of hellfire and brimstone, which is similar to Vital Remains when it comes to lengthy compositions, but in Velka's case, they offer enough variety to keep the listener interested, coupled with an energetic performance and unpolished production that add to the enjoyment of this album. The music itself is pretty straight-forward, although honest and free of gimmicks.

The searing intensity of the music is unquestionable, with a heavier than thou attitude sweeping throughout the album. Considering it's Velka's debut album, it's a solid effort. (HT)

4 May 2022

Interview: Nominon (2022)

NOMINON is one of those solid Swedish Death Metal bands that have kept their sound extreme and underground ever since their inception without ever succumbing to trends. This includes a string of mandatory releases under their belt worth checking out. Elements of Thrash and Black Metal can also be heard in their sound. The following interview was done with guitarist Juha Sulasalmi.

Hails! How did the recent compilation release “Yesterdeath” come about? Will NOMINON release any new material in the near future? What have you been up to over the years?

In 2015 we did a couple of mini-tours and a German festival, then the band went on hiatus.  I guess the main reason was different views on the band’s overall commitments. We just didn’t find the energy needed at the time. Then the spark was lit again 2018 and since then we’ve been regrouping with a really strong line-up and started writing some new material.

We don’t want to rush things since we are older now (and wiser hopefully) and we all have various life situations to take into account. We thought it would be cool to release something quite hidden and obscure, just to give people out there a sign of life and to get some buzz going. “Yesterdeath” is a compilation of stuff from the many 7” splits we have done through the years. I think it’s a convenient way to get hold of material from releases that have been sold-out for a long time.

Do you think the fact that you’ve had so many line-up changes has helped to maintain a degree of variety throughout the band’s career? What are the factors behind such a consistent discography?

Variety is important to keep the music interesting, both for the fans as well as for the band. There’s no point in writing songs that sound alike, unless you’re AC/DC. Of course each individual brings his unique influence into the band. Also the different formats such as 7” splits, albums etcetera do contribute to the sense of variety, since they often are recorded in different sessions under different conditions.

We like to put out releases every now and then just to give a sign of life, even when we’re in a period of less activity. Another aspect is that we don’t like to rush things. This is a lifetime commitment and we’re in no hurry. The consistency and unhurried approach could also be regarded as one of the reasons for the many line-up changes. Some are restless and eager to move forward, looking for their true purpose within other genres. NOMINON isn’t about achieving success. This is about satisfying our own musical hunger.

To the reader, how would you best summarize your sound and what NOMINON is all about?

Basically its death metal rooted in the thrash metal heritage, occasionally with some black metal elements. We often integrate ideas we like regardless of genre or subgenre. All of us have personal influences and they all mix together within the framework of our sound. Musical dynamics are important to us. We don’t want to make albums that sound like one long tune. Nor are we interested in following any trends. Honest death metal with no gimmicks, that’s what it’s all about. Lyrically it’s about hatred, death, pain and suffering.

Looking back, what were your main determinants for starting a band, and what have you learned over the years playing with NOMINON? Are you happy with everything the band has achieved?

In my first band we played thrash metal and when I started NOMINON in 1993 my aim was to create and play death metal. My mission has always been to entertain myself. It’s great when people understand and appreciate your music and prove to be on the same wavelength. However, my first priority isn't to be seen or heard, this is just out of plain egoism. Other bands and individuals seem to be on a mission and they try to convey their beliefs or whatever. I’m not into that at all.

Yeah, looking back I’m very proud of what we’ve done. Some of the early recordings were very DIY and could have deserved a better sound production. But at the end of the day - this is death metal. What I regard as the perfect sound, somebody else may think is crap and vice versa.

Your last album “The Cleansing” shreds pretty hard. In retrospect, what were the main elements that determined the style and sound of that album?

Yeah, we’re really proud of that album. We got a lot of new energy in the writing process and I think a big reason for that was Alex Lyrbo, a great lead guitarist and riff maker who was our newest member at the time. He wrote a lot of stuff which had that extra spark in it. Alex left NOMINON shortly after the album and joined the Swedish hard rock institution BULLET (which also he left recently).

Today we have a killer line-up and I sense that the same energy can be found in the songs we’re putting together right now. You learn what’s really good and refine things along the road and that’s just awesome. “The Cleansing” did indeed bring that extra power to our songwriting onward.

What do you personally regard as the ultimate NOMINON album and why?

It’s impossible for me to select just one album. It depends on the mood and what aspect I’m into at the time. It might be the lyrics, riffing or song structures, maybe drum sound, intensity vs heaviness and so on. I really treasure both “The Cleansing” and our debut “Diabolical Bloodshed” but there’s one album I keep coming back to and it’s “Terra Necrosis''. It has got a lot of heaviness but also speed and I’m very fond of the drum sound on that album. It has some of my favorite songs in terms of riffing and also our vocalist Daniel wrote some very cool lyrics on that album.

Could you please tell us a little about your split with Peter Nilsson's black metal project FAFNER back in 2004? In your opinion, should black and death metal do more splits together?

When Peter and I parted ways in 1994 Peter started his one man project FAFNER to which he brought some of the material we’d been writing together in NOMINON. NOMINON had a lot of black metal tunes in the early days. The FAFNER songs sounded much like the songs on the second NOMINON demo “Daemons II”. This was also the last demo we did together before Peter went on with FAFNER.

So the FAFNER/NOMINON split had a natural origin in that both bands had the same songwriters and a common history. I'm not sure black and death metal bands should do more splits in general. I can't see why there should, if it isn’t obvious the bands have something in common.

In terms of your sound, did you ever feel the need to have an original sound? How do you feel when ignorant fools compare you to bands like DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED?

You can easily tell when someone has really listened to a NOMINON album. They will pick up the unique things going on and sense the variety of influences in the music. On the other hand, when someone compares us to bands like DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED, you know they either haven’t listened or it’s just out of plain ignorance.

When you get that response from someone who has really understood, then it’s just like: Yeah, he saw it! He’s one of us!

We knew from the start that we had an original sound, it was nothing we planned for. But sometimes a particular production can make it hard for our sound to fully come through. Maybe that’s why we sometimes are being compared to those Swedish old-school acts.

Who are some of your favorite bands, as well as your biggest influences? Also, what bands influenced NOMINON's sound?

IRON MAIDEN has been my godz since the age of ten. Other important bands are WHIPLASH, CANDLEMASS, early EDGE OF SANITY, IMPALED NAZARENE, DEMIGOD, MYTHOS, ADRAMELECH and SHAARIMOTH to name a few. Since my family has Finnish roots it was natural for me to follow the early Finnish death metal scene and it has influenced me a lot personally.

In NOMINON we all are big fans of American death metal. Bands like MALEVOLENT CREATION, INCANTATION, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, SOLSTICE, DEMOLITION HAMMER among others. Naturally also the Swedish scene has been an influence to us, and not just death metal but also in a much broader sense. We’re all big fans of the eighties Swedish heavy metal scene with bands like TORCH, EUROPE, UNIVERSE, 220VOLT and PROUD to name a few.

What do you think of the trend of new bands trying to sound old-school to the point where the music sounds dull and utterly devoid of passion?

It seems some bands decide to sound old-school because there might be a trend going on. Judging by what I hear they could just as well have chosen to play melodic death metal or metalcore. I guess its part of the scene as its evolving and as the underground is becoming mainstream to some extent.

To my relief there are a lot of young bands that sound really great. Bands whose stuff sounds like it was recorded thirty years ago and whose members weren't even born in the beginning of the 90s. I like to support bands with the right attitude and sound. After all it’s better with a vital scene with a lot of bands, out of which some are really good, than a small metal scene with just a few uninteresting bands.

How do you stay inspired as a musician? Also, in terms of quality, how critical is it not to stagnate musically?

There’s a lot of bands out there still inspiring me and my fellow band members. When you discover great bands it makes you want to pick up your guitar and outmatch your latest riffs and improve your own songwriting. The creative process is really fascinating in so many ways. One could easily believe that the more you pour out from the well of ideas the less there is left and in the end you run out of creativity and stagnate as a riff maker. It’s quite the opposite. The more you let yourself be inspired by your favorite bands and the more you are in a state of flow when riffing and composing, the clearer it becomes that the ideas will never end. Of course the inspiration also gets a boost every time someone shows appreciation to your music, e.g. on social media or an interview in a webzine like yours.

Stagnation is always a factor to take into consideration, especially as we’re not youngsters anymore. But I don’t think it’s a big issue as long as you’ve got the passion, inspiration and creativity.

You've been with the band since the beginning, although I am quite curious as to why you didn't participate in 2016's live album, "Chaos in The Flesh...Live!"?

We’ve used live musicians from time to time. Actually the band did a couple of tours without me some years ago. Looking back it seems somewhat odd that the only original member did not play on those live shows. The only thing I can say is that back then when I had to choose between going on tour for three weeks or being with my family and kids and keeping the income coming from my job, I chose the latter. We used to have different views on the importance and desire for playing live. Looking at it now it seems a bit strange I admit. Nowadays we have agreed on a more common approach to things.

When it comes to the live recording of “Chaos in the Flesh…Live!” I was going to play that show but got sick the day prior to the gig, that’s why we ended up using a stand-in on that gig.

How important is the compatibility of the artwork and music? Do you think a good metal album can be overlooked due to a shitty artwork?

I think the artwork plays an important part of the whole package, at least when it comes to extreme music. The artwork should tell something about the music. The first albums that got my interest as a ten year old kid was IRON MAIDEN - KILLERS and THE RODS - WILD DOGS. As a kid I used to sit on the floor, knees crossed with the album cover in my hands, being sucked into the artwork. And through the speakers came this fierce and powerful music. Of course it was a lethal combo. The cover art is a world of its own.

On the other hand, if the music is really good, you might be able to overlook crappy artwork. You just don’t pay attention to the cover, and as a result your overall impression of the band’s work won't be as strong as it would otherwise have been.

Are there any Swedish bands you recommend we check out? Do you support the music scene in your country?

I would recommend checking out these bands from Sweden: KVAEN, ENVIG, THE MALICE, REINCARNAGE and ARMAGEDDA. Also the bands DESULTOR and PAGANDOM have put out some cool stuff.

I like a lot of the younger underground death metal bands but we don’t have many of them here in Sweden. I think nowadays there’s a lot more cool death metal coming from Finland, Denmark and also the States. There’s a great underground scene both in Europe and in the U.S. Right now thrash metal is getting bigger here in Sweden.

Whenever there’s a gig in my area I go and support the scene and buy merch and CDs.

What's next for you and the band? Thanks for agreeing to do this interview and all the best to you!

We’ll be focusing on getting our new songs ready for an upcoming release, most likely a full length album. Would be awesome to get it out before the end of this year. We’ll see what happens. Thank you so much Jim for your support and best of luck with all your endeavors!

22 Apr 2022

Interview: Putrid (2022)


The following interview was conducted with Peruvian blasphemers PUTRID. The band plays evil and menacing Black/Death/Thrash in the style of ANGELCORPSE, MORBID ANGEL, SARCOFAGO, etc. Both Spanish and English answers were provided.

Bestial greetings, M.B.! How did Putrid form and what are your influences musically? Were you in any bands prior to the band’s formation?


Hola Jim, muchas gracias por darnos el apoyo a a traves de tu zine; Apreciamos mucho eso hermano!

Mis influencias podría decirse que son de dos tipos. Tal vez alguna va sobre cuestiones que me generan mucha ira y otras sobre pensamientos respecto a alguien en particular. Tenemos una canción que se llama “Hatred” (que saldrá en nuestro Split con Morbosidad) y básicamente la hice contra el arquetipo de imbécil que entiende el Metal en general como una via para drogarse y ser una mierda de persona.

Si te refieres a la música, mis influencias son muy básicas, Slayer, Angel Corpse Morbid Angel son las tres básicas y de las cuales puedo decir que si soy un fan de estas tres bandas.

Ahora, yo escucho mucho hardcore, desde antes de escuchar death metal yo estaba muy metido en el hardcore y con bandas como Exploited, Cro-Mags, Misfits, etc. Sabes que, cuando era un adolescente, conseguí un tape que se llamaba PUNK AND DISORDELY, ese tape era genial brother. Gran compilación!

Si, antes de Putrid tocaba en una banda que se llamaba Flagelum Dei, el baterista de esa banda toca en Putrid ahora.


Hi Jim, thank you very much for supporting us through your zine; we really appreciate that brother!

My influences could be said to be of two types. Maybe one is about issues that generate a lot of anger in me and others about thoughts about someone in particular. We have a song called “Hatred” (which will come out in our Split with Morbidity) and basically I did it against the archetype of the asshole who understands Metal in general as a way to get high and be a shitty person.

If you refer to music, my influences are very basic, Slayer, Angel Corpse Morbid Angel are the three basic ones and from which I can say that I am a fan of these three bands.

Now, I listen to a lot of hardcore, since before I listened to death metal I was really into hardcore and with bands like Exploited, Cro-Mags, Misfits, etc. You know when I was a teenager I got a tape called PUNK AND DISORDELY. That tape was great bro. Great compilation!

Yes, before Putrid he played in a band called Flagelum Dei, the drummer of that band plays in Putrid now

In your own words, how would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard it before?


Es algo complicado de plantear con palabras, porque no es algo que este planeado. Tal vez podría indicar que mediante algunos discos se podrían dar una idea de lo que hacemos con nuestra música. En ese sentido, si tendría que poner algunas características de ella, podría decir que somos: “caóticos y violentos”, música sencilla, caotica y violenta sin pretensiones de nada mas.

Es mas honesto hacerlo desde estos tres  cimientos, al menos para mi lo ha sido siempre asi; y creo que he encontrado un poco el balance entre mensaje y música desde ello. No creo que, mientras Putrid este activo, cambiemos de manera de hacer las cosas.


It is something difficult to put into words, because it is not something that is planned. Perhaps it could indicate that some records could give an idea of what we do with our music. In that sense, if I had to put some characteristics of it, I could say that we are: "chaotic and violent", simple, chaotic and violent music without pretensions of anything else.

It is more honest to do it from these three foundations, at least for me it has always been that way; and I think I've found a bit of a balance between message and music since that. I don't think that as long as Putrid is active, we will change the way we do things.

“Antichrist Above” from 2020 was a real beast. Could you tell us something about the recording process and the vision you had while creating it?


Como todos los discos de Putrid, grabar fue un ejercicio de ejercicio de empatía, stress y evidencia de errores al momento de ejecutar los instrumentos. Jajajaja. Cuando nosotros grabamos siempre acabamos muy desgastados al punto de no vernos en dos o tres semanas después; hasta que aparezca un concierto o algo asi.

Si deseas conocer algo de lo que paso?  Bueno lo que más recuerdo es que casi nos quedamos sin sala de ensayo. Yo alquilo una casa que estaba deshabitada y mi padre la administra, por lo que le ofreci un dinero mensual para que me la ceda y ahí tenemos nuestro estudio de grabaciones también. Hate Supremacy Studios se llama. Bueno, casi nos echan de ese lugar, porque nuestra forma de grabar las guitarras es con los volúmenes muy altos. Y así fue, Tuve que rehacer el contrato de alquiler y reforzar las salidas de audio para que no se hagan muy pesadas al grabar. Una mierda, pero el disco que salió fue muy satisfactorio.


As in all Putrid albums, recording was an exercise in empathy, stress and evidence of errors when playing the instruments. Hahaha. When we record we always end up very worn out to the point of not seeing each other for two or three weeks afterwards; until a concert or something like that appears.

If you want to know something about what happened? Well, what I remember the most is that we almost ran out of a rehearsal room. I rent a house that was uninhabited and my father manages it, for which I offered him a monthly payment to give it to me and we have our recording studio there as well. Hate Supremacy Studios is called. Well, they almost kicked us out of that place, because our way of recording guitars is with very high volumes. And so it was, I had to redo the rental contract and reinforce the audio outputs so that they do not become too heavy when recording. Shit, but the record that came out was very satisfying.

The artwork is purely blasphemous and obscene! What inspired such crude art and who is the artist?


Fue una salida de último momento ya que la persona que nos iba a hacer la portada nos dijo que al final no tenía tiempo y nosotros ya teníamos el disco grabado, pero no habíamos trabajado ni fotos ni portada; simplemente decidimos hacer eso al final y por ese motivo dejamos también la portada para lo último.

La idea, creo que no es muy novedosa en sí, pero si se logró una muy buena foto. En el vinilo se ve excelente. Lo que hemos decidido es ya no hacer dibujos en nuestros albunes. Solo haremos fotos.


It was a last-minute exit since the person who was going to do the cover for us told us that in the end he didn't have time and we already had the album recorded, but we hadn't worked on photos or cover; we just decided to do that last and for that reason we also left the cover for last.

The idea, I think, is not very new in itself, but a very good photo was achieved. It looks great on vinyl. What we have decided is no longer to make drawings in our albums. We will only take photos.

How did you manage to link a deal with Poland’s Godz of War Productions? I personally think they are a killer label and ideal for an underground band with such a sick sound like Putrid.


Cuando tenemos ya casi el disco avanzado lo que hacemos es grabar un promo para empezar a mandarlo a distintos labels y ver el interés que se pueda dar con ello. En "Antichrist Above"? tuvimos temas ya totalmente avanzados y con ello grabamos este demo.  Hubo tres labels que se interesaron en nosotros, pero creo que la mejor opción siempre fue Godz Ov War Prod. Ya que vimos que tenían a muchas bandas en nuestro mismo estilo. Estamos muy satisfechos con ellos y de hecho que seguiremos trabajando en este label.


When we almost have the album advanced, what we do is record a promo to start sending it to different labels and see the interest that can be generated with it. In "Antichrist Above" we had already fully advanced songs and with that we recorded this demo. There were three labels that were interested in us, but I think that the best option was always Godz Ov War Prod. Since we saw that they had many bands in our same style. We are very satisfied with them and in fact we will continue working on this label.

I was wondering if you could comment on the title of your last album, “Antichrist Above” - Is Jehovah the real devil, and the devil below the savour?


Yo creo que es mas sarcastico de lo que suena. Es como una gran broma en la que tanto cristianos y satanistas han caído por años de años.  Por un lado es el miedo a caer en una oscuridad injustificada y creada básicamente por el miedo al dolor y por el otro lado es la necesidad de alimentar un ego en deficiencias de mayores motivaciones de vida. Es eso, por que si analizas la historia de ambas formas de subyugación (cristianismo/satanismo) todo se revela como un cuento de acusaciones mutuas que no han construido absolutamente nada y la gente, hoy por hoy, o lo ve como una forma de marketing emocional o como una forma de educar en negativo a los supuestos enemigos que estas personas se crean en su cabeza.

"Antichrist Above" para mi, desde que lo compuse, fue una gran forma de decirles a todos que son parte de un gran circo, monos y payasos que buscan una forma de atencion. Mis ideales valen mas que eso.


I think it's more sarcastic than it sounds. It's like a big joke that both Christians and Satanists have fallen for years and years. On the one hand it is the fear of falling into an unjustified darkness and basically created by the fear of pain and on the other hand it is the need to feed an ego in deficiencies of greater life motivations. It is that, because if you analyse the history of both forms of subjugation (Christianity / Satanism) everything is revealed as a story of mutual accusations that have not built absolutely anything and people, today, or see it as a form of marketing emotional or as a way of negatively educating the supposed enemies that these people create in their heads.

"Antichrist Above" for me, since I wrote it, was a great way to tell everyone that they are part of a big circus, monkeys and clowns looking for a form of attention. My ideals are worth more than that.

What are some killer bands from Peru that every maniac reading this should check out?

The ones you already know everywhere brother: Goat Semen, Mortem, Hadez, etc

What’s the last album you bought?


Aunque no lo creas el Scream Bloddy Gore de Death; es decir lo tenia en cd hace muchos años, pero recién lo he conseguido en vinilo.

Tambien he comprado el Never mind The Bollocks de Sex Pistols, el mismo caso que Death


Believe it or not, Death's Scream Bloody Gore; I mean, I had it on CD many years ago, but I just got it on vinyl.

I have also bought never mind The Bollocks by Sex Pistols, the same case as Death

10 albums you can’t live without.


Slayer- Reing in Blood, Morbid Angel - Covenant, AngelCorpse -Exterminate, Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger, cualquier disco de Arditi, Exploitedn - Beat the Bastards, Misfist - Earth ad. Emperor - Athems…, Conqueror – War Cult Supremacy.

Do you have any favorite traditions or historical references from Peru? What do you think about your country's rich, yet interesting history, from the Inca Empire to the conflict between Ecuador and Peru?


Todo lo que sabemos de la historia de mi país es interesante, pero mas interesante es todo lo que ha pasado en estos años. Desde el terrorismo, la corrupción política. Tu sabes que no tenemos ningún presidente que no haya caído preso desde hace casi 30 años? Es increíble eso.


Everything we know about the history of my country is interesting, but more interesting is everything that has happened in these years. From terrorism, political corruption. Do you know that we do not have any president who has not been imprisoned for almost 30 years? It's amazing that.

Cheers and thanks for your time! What's next for Putrid?


Gracias a ti hermano y por el apoyo que nos haz dado siempre. Lo nuevo que se viene es dos splits en 7” vinilo uno con Hexorcist y el otro con Morbosidad. Despues de eso, estamos haciendo los temas para el tercer disco de la banda que esperamos grabarlo a fin de este año. Por ultmo, ya tenemos unas fechas en Chile para el 2023, asi que tenemos aun mucho que hacer.


Thanks to you brother and for the support you have always given us. What's new is two splits on 7” vinyl, one with Hexorcist and the other with Morbosidad. After that, we are making the songs for the band's third album that we hope to record at the end of this year. Finally, we already have some dates in Chile for 2023, so we still have a lot to do.