6 May 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Homicide - Minotaur Unleashed (2020)

Homicide – Minotaur Unleashed (2020)


Vrykoblast Productions

Homicide is a Death Metal band from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and “Minotaur Unleashed” is their debut full-length released by Vrykoblast Productions on pro CD format. The sound of Homicide is very much in the traditional vein, striking a balance between melody and more technical arrangements. It definitely borders on Techdeath, but not in an overwhelming way. All songs are memorable and can easily be distinguished, as well as the fact that the music is exceptionally well played. One can hear trace elements from bands such as Suffocation, Krisiun, and Monstrosity, so that basically tells me that the band is strongly influenced by classic Death Metal, but with a slightly modern production. There are some really killer songs on this album like ‘Whipped, Chained, Burned’ and ‘Repatriate’ but overall it’s hard to pinpoint favourites since the entire album is super solid. It’s important to note that the band is from Bangladesh, which isn’t exactly a country that is particularly famous for its metal scene; however, make no mistake, there’s certainly more than a handful of worthy acts hailing from that part of the world and Homicide is definitely one of them. “Minotaur Unleashed” is all around a solid album and I can definitely recommend it to fans of good Death Metal. (HT)

5 May 2021

SPLIT REVIEW: Nameless Tomb / Sadomortuary - Nameless Mortuary (2020)


Nameless Tomb / Sadomortuary – Nameless Mortuary

Germany / Italy

Goatmarch Distro

The aptly titled “Nameless Mortuary” is a split release between Nameless Tomb (Ger) and Sadomortuary (Ita) released under Goatmarch Distro from Greece. Both of these bands embody the true essence of the underground and transmit a veritably evil atmosphere that many bands lack nowadays. Inaugurating the madness is Nameless Tomb from Berlin, Germany, offering five tracks of vicious and vociferous Black/Death Metal that could potentially drive your neighbours insane. Their side of the split starts with an audio sample of Armin Meiwes, which is quite fitting considering the band is from Germany. The music is characterized by sinister and buzzy guitars, unintelligible growls, primitive, yet well-executed drums, and an unabashedly raw production. Their style conforms to the formula of old-school, raw and bestial Black/Death Metal that gives nods to bands like Corpse Molestation, Havohej and Abhorer. In other words, this is some killer fucking shit. The next attack comes from Sadomortuary from Mantua, Italy – and just like Nameless Tomb – they offer more or less the same palette of aural sickness, albeit even more primitive, with a sound sonically on par with bands like Beherit, Weregoat, and Sadomator. The music is – as mentioned above – utterly primitive, ugly and raucous. Their songs aren’t particularly short either and succeed in inducing a profoundly devilish atmosphere, pulling you into the darkest corridors of the bottomless pit with their brand of ritualistic Black/Death. All in all, both bands deliver. In fact, this is one of my favourite split releases of late. I definitely recommend it to those into the more bestial and crude sounding stuff. (HT)

30 Apr 2021

DEMO REVIEW: Sküllfükk SS - Uncut Speed (2021)

Sküllfükk SS – Uncut Speed (2021)


Corrupted Flesh Records

The beer-cuzzling crew from Estonia known as Sküllfükk SS unleash pure havoc on their latest demo (“Uncut Speed”) featuring 7 tracks of sleazy and offensive Black/Thrash/Speed Metal. The whole release is permeated with a raw and old-school production complimentary to their style. The music is catchy and infused with punk attitude. You can tell these guys had fun when they recorded the material. The music takes you back to the '80s, which is probably what the band intended, since some of their influences include: Venom, Mercyful Fate, Demon Pact, Motorhead, etc. There's evident Black Metal overtones, which is skillfully integrated into their sound. Those with an affinity for balls-to-the-wall metal punk, will no doubt take a liking to these guys, as their music is replete with menacing riffs and incendiary vocal lines. Those looking for something more sophisticated, however, should probably stay clear, as Sküllfükk SS is a band that embraces simplicity and old-school ethos, including the fact that they have a healthy dose of punk in their veins. The overall performance is quite impressive considering that “Uncut Speed” is only their second demo. There's something promising here, so hopefully there will be a new EP or full-length at some point. If you’re a fan of bands like Bunker 66, Vomitor, Abigail, etc., then be sure to check it out. (HT)

11 Apr 2021

EP REVIEW: Devouring Void - Septic Fluid Dripping From the Open Wounds of Gaia (2020)


Devouring Void - Septic Fluid Dripping From the Open Wounds of Gaia (2020)



Canadians, Devouring Void, bring the evil with their debut EP titled, “Septic Fluid Dripping From the Open Wounds of Gaia, ” which offers five tracks of fierce Black Metal that’s a paean to all things cruel and malicious. Opener, ‘Infinite Abyss’ inaugurates this disc with spoken samples from cult leader, Jim Jones, which sets the tone for the rest of the record. The music isn’t particularly raw, although the production isn’t overly clean either. Comparisons might be subjective, but they remind me a bit of Katechon from Norway. They also exude a verily cold and desolate atmosphere idiomatic to Canadian Black Metal heard in bands such as Frozen Shadows and Godless North. The output in question is quite impressive considering that it’s the band’s first release and they seem to have a good comprehension of the genre they play, as one is able to pinpoint several references when listening to this release. The music is thoroughly well executed, with the band delivering a solid arsenal of riffs combined with hard-hitting drums and a vocalist that sounds like the personification of hatred. Black Metal fans rejoice. (HT)

10 Apr 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Mefitis - Offscourings (2021)


Mefitis – Offscourings (2021)


Hessian Firm

The second album from Mefitis sees the band expand on their characteristic “Dark Metal” sound and venture into even more experimental territory this time around, all the while maintaining a sense of artistic cohesion. These idiosyncratic elements can be characterized based on their penchant for classical melodies and intricate song structures, whilst also emphasizing melody as its main core. Consequently, the result is more or less a cauldron of various sub-genres merged into one, giving the music a rather experimental dynamic. The agonizing screams of the vocalist compliments the music very well and gives the whole thing a profoundly aggressive edge. The band shows great craftsmanship, particularly in how the riffs interplay with each other. This is music for those with an attention to detail, since the music reveals more and more about itself each time you listen to it. If you enjoyed their debut album, “Emberdawn,” then you will no doubt like their new record, as it offers a collection of well-crafted songs full of detailed textures and an atmosphere that draws you in. Call it dark metal, progressive, avant-garde, or whatever you like – it doesn’t matter – the only thing that matters is that you get this album as soon as possible. (HT)

6 Apr 2021



Not only do they have a badass logo, but their music slays on all fronts. The following interview was conducted with US Black/Death aggressor, THE INCURSION.

Godhammering hails! Tell us about the formation of The Incursion and what the band is all about musically and lyrically.

The Incursion formed circa 2018 in San Jose CA. Alex and Nick were previously in the group Plague Phalanx, and coordinated with Gabe of Slege/Thangorodrim.

What kind of mental images do you wish to depict with your music?

In general, we tend to aim for imagery that embodies the feeling of impending death or ultimate triumph in battle. Things like the barrage of a Katyusha rocket onslaught, or the raining of artillery come to mind.

Do you feel like The Incursion has its own sound? What sets you apart? Can Black and Death Metal be reinvented or not?

I think The Incursion does execute a short list of elements shared by few others which do set us apart somewhat, but in my experience which I am sure is similar to most, all music is usually and unfortunately described by using other bands as an analogy. So with that in mind I would say our sound and energy is similar to that of Black Witchery or Caveman Cult, however we do get into more dissonant textures you would find more in a Death Metal/Black Metal atmosphere in the vein of Blut Aus Nord. As far as Death Metal/Black Metal being reinvented, I supposed that is subjective to each one’s perception. My short answer would be no, it can’t be reinvented, but we can all do our best effort to add newer and more evil sounding elements to it. What’s the need for all the melodic shit?

Are there any bands that you feel The Incursion share a musical kinship with? If so, who are they?

There are a bunch of bands that we feel a connection to in the form of shared influence and mutual understanding of the music itself. Especially out here on the west of the US we appreciate the shit out of Blood Omen from Santa Cruz, Ritual Genocide from Reno, and Putrid Temple from Seattle. That’s just to name a tiny handful, but those bands are all sick as fuck.

Have you ever had any trouble with rats in the underground who misunderstood your art or who tried to censor you in some form or another?

We have not faced any type of censorship with The Incursion, but we definitely had our fair share of it with our old band Plague Phalanx. People had some misconceptions about the imagery we used, etc., but it definitely hasn’t given us pause or made us not want to make this kind of music anymore.

Shine some background on your discography and what you've released so far. Do you have any merchandise available for maniacs to get hold of?

We released a self titled demo about two years ago, then a single called Trudging Through Artillery which also later featured on another EP called Pandemonium, which included all of our early material that we’d been playing at shows etc. The latest release, available via Nihilistic Noise Propaganda, is called STURMSIEGE. We also have logo shirts, pins, and patches which people can hit us up for on our social media as of now.

How has the reception been for your releases so far? Are you getting much support?

People like our shit as far as the demos and EPs, but we haven’t truly started to promote heavily yet. When we begin work on our full length we’ll make some more noise.

Personally, I've enjoyed everything I've heard from The Incursion. The music hits you like a MGM-51 Shillelagh Missile and destroys everything in its path. How important is the extremity factor in regards to the type of music you play?

The extremity factor in the music is the peak of importance. We mainly try to execute that through speed and choice of notes is extremely important in the string section. Overall our goal is to push ourselves with each album to find different avenues to achieve the same type of feeling but not producing the exact same material over and over.

I understand that some people seem to be under the deluded impression that your drums are programmed. Can you please clarify?

I perform, record and mix the drums, so here’s the deal. I use a Roland TD6 Module and trigger for the kick drum, the rest are acoustic drums, and not very many of them. I use a very small kit. Kick, Snare, Floor Tom, Hi Hat, Crash and Ride. Emphasis is always on the Snare. As far as the mix, I use compression and EQ to enhance and boost the frequencies. At this point there is little to no editing at all, virtually nonexistent except for the kick drum on some parts just to keep things consistent and together in the mix. I push myself very hard to get solid genuine takes when recording. Generally we play between 190-200BPM and 250-260BPM. For the next material I will be utilizing more lo fi and minimal techniques to give us more raw sound then the somewhat polished Death Metal type sound we have produced. 

How many times do you guys get together to rehearse? Do you practice a lot? Also, what are some of the most important aspects for you as far as being a musician? Do you ever look for inspiration outside the confines of metal?

We used to jam every week, but since the plague hit and our jam space got shut down we haven’t been able to. There’s been talk of us all moving in together so we can jam in a living room or something but hasn’t happened yet. So for now it’s all individual practicing to the new material and preparations for the next release.

What are 10 albums you can't live without? 

No particular order:

Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Venom - Black Metal

Gorgoroth - Pentagram

Conqueror - War.Cult.Supremacy

Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny

Diocletian - Doom Cult

Inquisition - Nepharious Dismal Orations

Cannibal Corpse - Vile

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

What's some of your favourite releases from 2020?

There’s a bunch of 2020 releases I really fuck with. Just to name a few the Totenwache album Kriegswesen, the Goathex/Goatcorpse (US) split Order of the Plutonium Trident, Hinterkaifeck’s (Australia) demo Kak, and Nirriti’s EP Asuryasparsha all made an impression.

What's your opinion about self-proclaimed metal maniacs who look like disco monkeys? Would you take such a person's opinion about metal seriously?

We don’t really care how people dress. What we don’t like is people who act as if they’ve been listening to this music since day one but don’t have the slightest appreciation or respect for the classic sound and its roots. Fuck that shit. 

Other than metal, are there any other activities that interest you? What about history, the occult, sports, movies, art, serial killers, literature, etc.?

I’m really into ancient and dark ages history, especially pagan Europe around the years 400-800 AD. That was a savage time. Occult practices and ancient religions are a massive interest too. I’m also very into philosophy, which I have a bachelor’s degree in and study on my own time

This bring an end to our interview. Tell us about your plans for The Incursion and when we can expect to hear a full-length. Lastly, do you have a message for your enemies?

We are currently working on more material which will be out in 2021, not sure if it will be an EP, split, or full length album. As far as our enemies, The Incursion is coming for your fucking skulls!

5 Apr 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Wargrinder - The Seal of Genocide (2012)


Wargrinder - The Seal of Genocide (2012)


Nykta Records

"The Seal of Genocide" is Wargrinder's debut album and offers 13 tracks of hard-hitting Black/Death Metal from lone-musician, Terry Eleftheriou. Released back in 2012, this is some decidedly enjoyable audio violence, with proud nods to Angelcorpse and Black Witchery. Whilst this album arguably does not quite reach the same level of intensity as the aforementioned hordes, it holds a worthy candle in terms of its unapologetic, raw and mayhemic overtones. The songs are refreshingly rhythmic, with the composer proving himself to be as proficient with riffs as he is with percussion. With an emphasis on catchy riffing, merciless percussion and gutteral vocal passages - this aural assault will irrevocably bombard your senses with its martial-esque tones and unbridled relentlessness. Musically, this record is relatively straight-forward and unashamedly militant, so don't expect to hear any mystical forest black metal. I can confidently say that this is pretty impressive stuff for a one-man project, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear the odd solo thrown in for good measure. The solos are well balanced and thoroughly chaotic in nature. There's much to sink your teeth into here. A well recommended listen. (HT)

4 Apr 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Paganfire - Wreaking Fear and Death (2013)

Paganfire - Wreaking Fear and Death (2013)

The Philippines

Anger of Metal Records / Bestial Invasion

A few dozen demos and splits later, these Quezon City-based maniacs finally release their debut album upon the filthy masses entitled, "Wreaking Fear and Death." The music can be described as Thrash Metal in the vein of early Sodom, Exodus and Sabbat. The Asian element is quite prominent, as some of their song titles and lyrics are in their native tongue. Often a lot of Thrash Metal bands end up sounding sterile and boring due to over-polished production, that's why Paganfire is a breathe of fresh air as they retain a considerably raw tone, yet all the instruments can be heard in the mix. I find the production rather appealing. There's some Black/Death elements lurking in their sound, like the Necrovore-ish riffs on opener, "Bakal sa Bakal, Laman sa Laman" coupled with the general Mayhem-esque (Deathcrush era) buzz-tone of the guitars. Paganfire's sound will certainly find its appeal among the true metal legions and comes recommended to fans of bands (most notably their early works) such as Demolition Hammer, Mayhem, Exodus, Order From Chaos, Sodom, Sepultura, etc. Paganfire is like the drunkin' offspring of the aforementioned bands. This is not sheltered pseudo thrash with songs about the local pizza scene. Nope. This is raw, violent and uncompromising Thrash Metal that will surely send the hippies packing. (HT)


The notorious Black Metal horde known as ANGELGOAT have been making waves in the underground ever since their inception in 2001. The following interview was conducted with Unholy Carnager - the mastermind behind the cult.

Infernal hails! When you first formed the band, what kind of vision did you have in mind, and has it changed much over the years? What does Black Metal mean to you?

Hails! After the culmination of cognition, the vision of Angelgoat came to physical form in 2001. Since then, the changes were minimal, mostly some things were just upgraded, keeping the main form. I don't see that as something positive if the music or the concept keeps changing. In that case, I would make a new band, and when it's about Angelgoat, fans will always know what to expect: minimalistic, primitive and raw old-school Black Metal, with the sound that permeates from the late '80s / early '90s.

Besides Angelgoat, there were a few more visions, like playing melodic Black Metal, or even a Death/Doom Metal project, but somehow that never manifested, and probably never will...

Can you give us some information about the current line-up? If I'm not mistaken, “U Slavu Satane”(In Glory of Satan) was the last release to feature other members' input?

I always had a high criterion when it's about the individuals for the band. Only Devil worshiping musicians are acceptable and appropriate to share and contribute this vision. Due to the constant deficit of adequate members, I was mostly doing everything by myself. One of the rare, and only people besides me, was Occultum Malleus. The names of the new Devil worshiping musicians of the new line-up will be revealed soon. With the new release, of corpse.

How do you go about playing all the instruments and putting everything together? Is it a difficult process? How long have you been playing each instrument?

It all began in the late '90s, and it might come as a surprise, but my first instrument was a keyboard. Soon after that, I started playing the guitar, bass, and drums. But from the very start, my main focus was on vocals. “Vatropoklonstvo” (Fire Worship) and “Ustoličenje” (Enthronement) are the first songs I ever made. When I compose songs, I do it in a relaxed state, without deadlines and pressure. For my own pleasure, primarily. Playing guitar, writing down the riffs, playing, listening and doing the arrangements, riff by riff, until the song is done. A Guitar Pro is pretty handy thing, for composing and saving the music from oblivion. Many musicians use it...

It's quite obvious that you prefer the real thing when it comes to drums, hence you chose to play them yourself on your last two albums. I must also say that you pull it off rather well, as I enjoy hearing you smash the kit into oblivion on your albums. Is it an instrument you enjoy playing? And What do you think of programmed drums?

Yeah, blastbeats are my thing, haha. Also I prefer the “old blastbeat”, obviously. My main problem has always been the lack of rehearsal place for drums. Which is noticeable on the last 2 albums, although I'm hoping for better circumstances on the next recording... As I've already mentioned, my main occupation & pleasure is screaming, also playing the bass guitar, and for the last few years, destroying the drum kit for sure. Programmed drums can be OK. In my case, I use them in Guitar Pro as midi paths for my tracks, but I always value real drums, even sloppy, instead of programmed drums...

How would you describe the musical progress between each album/release? Are you happy with the results of your latest album, “The Lucifer Within”? What does it represent lyrically and what are some of your favourite tracks? It's actually one of my favourite black metal albums of the year.

The progress between all the albums/releases can be taken from some aspect, but in a way, they are all the same to me. There's a slight difference and progress in production and sound on each release, but generally not much has changed and that was the goal. Every recording won't be the same, different studio, different drum set, etc., but basically it's the Angelgoat sound.

Yeah, I'm generally satisfied with the results. As usual, something remains unfinished, but there's always a next recording. Anyway, there's a special satisfaction and a feeling when it's known that it's finally recorded 10 years after the material is even made for that album. The lyrics even longer... And when it's about the lyrics, the lyric of the “The Lucifer Within” track speaks of something inner, that inner belief, the thing I carry in my inner-self and what is the essence of me. The rest of the lyrics are of similar thematics: Satanism, occultism, Goat worship, anti-christianity, blasphemy, desecration, perversion, death... I I think “The Lucifer Within” track have the strongest riffs, it's a self-titled track for a reason. One of my favorite tracks from the album, as it represents Angelgoat's style in it's best light (darkness). It's the same with the self-titled track from the U Slave Satane” album. “The Night of Ritual Debauchery” has a special vibe and atmosphere. I'm also very pleased with the intro, and aside from the tracks I've already mentioned, the tracks that could also be singled out a bit more are “Supreme Satanic Will” or ”Glory to the Horns”... Some tracks are maybe more dear to me than the others from the album, but all the tracks are very special to me. The track which is a bit different, is the ”Black Goat Semen”, where my brother Nekro of Goat Terrorism made a great contribution to the album with his guest appearance. Cool, I'm really glad to hear that...


How do you manage to conjure such an heavy and evil guitar tone?

It was a real revelation when I tried the Metal Zone MT2 for the first time many years ago. That was it and I'm still using it more then 20 years later. The slight difference between the sound on the albums are the different guitars. Ibanez on 1st, Jackson on 2nd, and B.C.Rich on the third album. Some minimal adjustments in mastering and that's it. The sound of Angelgoat that will be heard on all future releases.

Tell us a bit about your vocal approach. Do you practice regularly? What's some of your biggest inspirations?

Only the vocals on “U Slavu Satane” album were recorded after rehearsing it with a full line-up. And that recording session was basically just me screaming for about half an hour... All the things are done in a sort of “punkish” style, on “1,2,3 and record”. All other recording sessions are done the same way, but just without the rehearsing. Similar with recording the instruments... Which is not OK, for sure, but that's the way it was. My vocals reached maximum before I even started recording anything. But, I was forcing it and I've destroy it years before the first recording. No particular influence nor inspiration...

Tell us something about where you grew up and what the metal scene was like in your area.

Vrbas is a small town, former industrial center, about 25000 people, really nothing special. And the metal scene was always pretty weak. Besides Angelgoat, there was one more Black/Death/Trash Metal band, but just for a short period existed, with the one rehearsal demo. There was one good Trash/Speed Metal band called Toxic Trace, split up some time ago, and now there's just one more active similar genre band called Haste...

Has the NATO bombing of Serbia had any impact on the nature of your music or influenced you as a person?

No, no, I would never use the lyrics of such nature. There's no place for politics in music, by my opinion, but even generally I do not remember that there were some Metal bands with such lyrical thematic. Although some non-metal bands, yes. In general, people in Serbia are embittered cause such act, bombing and destroying, and the certain hate to USA definitely exists. I'm not indifferent on such idiotic behaviour, but it had no influence on me...

Musically, what are some of your biggest influences? Are you influenced by any Serbian bands?

A big influence is Beherit, of corpse. The band I respect the most. There are more bands that had an influence on me, bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone or Marduk (some certain periods/albums only) but I never wanted to have any sound influence by any band under my work. Maybe Angelgoat have a similar sound to some of the aforementioned bands, but there was never such an intention, just simply creating the music I worship. No influence by the band, only by the Devil, hah!

When it's about the Serbian scene and bands... Maybe I could mention Heller, Serbian Speed/Trash Metal band from the 80s. Often I use one comparison when I speak of Heller – What's Sodom for Germany, that's Heller for Serbia.

I have noticed a trend among the online community of metalhead sheep to hate on certain cult bands with the intention of impressing their peers. It's contradictory in how some of these people can apparently listen to bands that were influenced by the bands they bash. It makes no sense at all. Your thoughts?

Like you said it well – a sheep, as everywhere else, there's always some smart guy, spoiling and trolling. Not even worth the attention, but let's say few words about them, when we are already speak of them. I guess it's a wrong way to elevate themselves in society, so they strive for trolling. A lot of cult bands that are literally the firms today, and all they do, they do for the money. It's a business now, and it's not the same bands from the beginning. Without the same passion, feeling, the essence,... nothing is the same. Anyway, it's a reason for someone to take the opportunity and express his “opinion”. Whatever that opinion may be. But again, such persons should not be given attention.

Tell us a little a bit about how you perceive Satanism. Do you believe in Satan as an actual deity or is it more of a personal symbol that reflects your darker side? Do you approach it as a religion? What brought you to this path?

After many years of practice of Satanism, in many forms, the Occultism in general, exploring, discovering and learning, the certain attitudes about this matter are built. I believe in Satan, with those personal views of mine, but this is a topic which I don't tell much about.

As concern of religion... Satanism can be considered as sort of religion, of corpse, but definitely not as one of the religions today. Generally it's all based on smaller cults, or an individual practitioner which is often the case... My case, for instance.

Strange are the ways of the god” some says, but even stranger are the ways of Lord Satan who brought me to this path...

What are 10 albums you can't live without?

I'll mention some of my favourite albums and releases in general. Beherit – “Drowning Down the Moon”, “Dawn of Satan's Millennium” EP, Archgoat - “Whore of Bethlehem”, although I worship more the earlier works, more dirtier, like the “Jesus Spawn” demo, or “Angelcunt” EP, or unreleased EP “Hymns To Darkness”. But the sound on “Whore of Bethlehem” is just awesome. Bestial Raids - “Prime Evil Damnation”, but all releases are really great, a great band. Beastcraft - “Into the Burning Pit of Hell”, the sound is amazing, but I also worship 2 previous demos maybe even more. Mayhem – “Deathcrush” demo, earlier works, also live albums like “Live in Leipzig” or “Mediolanum Capta Est” remained into remembrance. Darkthrone – “Under a Funeral Moon”, but I was into later albums quite much, like “Ravishing Grimness” or “Sardonic Wrath”, and I've stopped listening the band after that album... Marduk - “Those of the Unlight”, special feeling when this album is about, although I prefer more period with Legion. Astaroth - “Sklavengott”, but also the EP “Christenfeind”. Heller – “Heller”, the best Serbian Speed/Trash Metal album ever, and as the last, an album that left a special impression on me, and that is “Some Wounds Bleed Forever” from the Stone to Flesh. Demos are recommended as well...

What is your stance towards social media? Many people seem to take full advantage of these platforms to promote their bands to the fullest and some become overnight rockstars. I have noticed though that you mostly prefer to stay out of the spotlight, which is respectable.

I find myself communicative and I like to chat and hang out, I'm active on some Metal forums, but when it's about social media like Facebook or similar, I would rather use my time better. When it's about the band, it's enough to have one official web presentation (a must have today), which will also be as prevention of the circulation of disinformation and all kind of crap on the internet. Who wants to find me or Angelgoat on the internet, he will find.

If I recall correctly, you attained a serious injury some years ago (I think you fell or something). Could you please specify exactly what happened and how long it took you to recover?

Yes, it was almost 11 years ago by now, and some consequences are still present, which causes health problems for me from time to time. It was about 98% recovery, but still, it was a fall from 10 meters height. Not much to tell, too much beer and shitty luck. Big price I had to pay, took me quite some time to recover and return to normal life. But that's the past now. The worship of the Angelgoat continues.

I appreciate the black and white covers of your albums, and I'm glad you didn't opt for colourful artworks like so many modern black metal bands seem to do. How important is the visual aspect and why do prefer the more simplistic approach?

The simplistic approach to the covers is a logical and natural choice for this kind of music. (And also by my taste, of corpse.) The minimalism is something that permeates my life and is something that can be heard in the music I make. My approach to composing riffs is straight-forward. It's the same with the covers, simple essence and that's it. The visual aspect is also very important and definitely it should be some ultimate photo/image for the cover. The album cover should speak for the release.


Your thoughts on the following:

Monotheism - Belief in one god, but from different points of view. Many names, but basically it's the same. From the christian side or from the other, Satanic side. Fuck god - hail Satan!

A Serbian Film - I was never a fan of Serbian film, especially from the '90s to nowadays. When I was a kid, Serbian cinematography from the '80s was very popular, even worldwide. Some of those movies I find ok, but when I want to watch some movie, it's definitely from English speaking area. I enjoy watching movies with my wife, but unfortunately, lately I don't have much time for such a pleasure...

US Politics - US politics are some of the most idiotic for sure. Like most politics, of course, but these idiots are definitely the worst. Waste of time and words on this topic...

Anton LaVey - Anton LaVay was smart (Aquarius ascendant) and with the energy of Ram, he was achieving his goals. But many Satanists don't see his philosophy/religion as Satanism. Neither I had a positive opinion about him and his work, and also don't find it as Satanism, but after studying a bit deeper, he had a few valid points in regards to other things. There's a certain respect, but there's a lot of other minds I would rather study.

Nergal/Behemoth - Ok, few words and opinion about Nergal of Behemoth. As a Gemini, I see him as person variable nature and a versatile person. Great guitarist, very smart, with some his views I agree, with some I’m not... I respect him cause his Crowleyanity...

What are some of your favorite albums from the last 10 years? Do you have any favorites from 2020 so far?

Some titles really worth mentioning, that I can think of right now... Perverted Ceremony - “Sabbat of Behezaël”, Doombringer - “The Grand Sabbath”, but demos and EP are also definitely worth checking out, 13th Moon - “Abhorrence of Light”, with 2 previous demos...

From 2020., "Death Clan OD" from Serpent Noir, in which I've enjoyed pretty much.

As I understand it, you recently moved to Belgrade. So far, how's experience with the metal scene and people there? Is it a nice city to live in? Are there any like-minded manijaks with a penchant for Satan and morbid Black/Death?

Yeah, the relocation was necessary to improved the functioning of the band and a greater worship of the Goat! Serbia is a small country, and sadly only 2-3 towns actually lives. No life in small towns. For about 20 years I was visiting the Belgrade, gigs and friends, and I already had some contacts there, the adequate individuals and option now to gather the horde for Angelgoat, so that was the best solution. Also when it's about the question of job – more options. But every start is hard, so maybe next release will took some time, but expect it for sure 666%!

I could keep going, but I'll stop here for the sake of everyone's well being :) Few people have the patience to read a 60 question interview. Can you imagine that? Well, I hope you had a good time with these questions. Tell us about your future plans and where all the maniacs can get hold of your merchandise and music. Slava Angelgoat!

Hahah, you are definitely right there, no one likes the long interviews... Except the few maniacs as you say. Yeah, it was a cool and really nice chat with you, and thanks for the great support. Keep checking the updates on official website, some great news coming up soon! Slava Satan! Slava Angelgoat!

31 Mar 2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Uncreation - Overwhelming Chaos (2017)



Uncreation - Overwhelming Chaos (2017)


Blasphemous Art Records

"Overwhelming Chaos" is the debut full-length from Italy's Uncreation and was released in 2017. For some time now, I've been neglecting to check out the band's work, but I'm glad I did because their debut album is an addictive, hardened slab of sadistic Death Metal that slays on all fronts. The band employs a sound that hearkens back to the early '90s, that brings to mind the golden era from bands like Morbid Angel, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, etc. They may draw influence from the aforementioned bands, but manage to infuse their own devilish gene, as the songs on this album are replete with sinister cadences and an horripilant atmosphere colder than Jack Frost's balls. Everything is seemingly well-arranged, with a maelstrom of incendiary riffs, pounding drums and vicious growls -- all culminate for one emphatically crushing debut album. The artwork on this release was done by Paulo Girardi and represents the seven-headed beast from revelations. He definitely did a great job as the menacing aura of the music and artwork go extremely well together. All in all, if you're looking for some decidedly solid Death Metal that's more or less akin to getting your head stomped in by a giant beast, then "Overwhelming Chaos" will undoubtedly do the trick. For fans of: Cruciamentum, Dead Congregation, Ritualization. (HT)

30 Mar 2021


The following interview was done with Sonya Sepulchral - former vocalist of Bolivian Black/Thrashing hell-tyrants, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST.

Hails S.S.!!! How do you find yourself in these turbulent times of uncertainty, where our lives are governed by institutions and monarchies that seek to impose their pernicious laws upon us? Are we truly “free” as humans? 

S.S. - Greetings HT! There are constant changes to which one must adapt to. My life continues connected with my passions between music, art and other important aspects. However, it has been hard to cope with the situation mainly due to the economic factor. Humans again have to learn to live with another planned virus, one more pandemic in our world history. I am part of a society with its rules all over the place, with its religious foundations that are divided for each weak and fickle human species. I am in the opposite current and I am proud to have been consistent in all these years of struggle against the system, my own family and third parties who tried to break my ideals, I will never be part of them in their beliefs and much less allow myself to be manipulated with stupid speeches ever. No human being is free if he is not a master of himself. Today the word "freedom" is used and exalted as a fundamental principle, a word that is sealed in everyone's mouth. There are those who export this word through war to bring "democracy", there are those who created this pandemic to wallow freedom for shitty money, there are those who cause chaos in the imperious freedom, some drown their own lives in drugs to feel free, others reach the orgasm of freedom by putting a bullet in their own skull. In an age where technology behaves like human beings and humans look like robots, we are constantly being hunted by those who want absolute dominance. We are part of their political plan and they try to distract us all the damn time. Those who don't understand are lost in mental slavery. 

What's the main motivation for expressing yourself through such a fanatical outlet such as Black Metal?

S.S.- There are ideological positions that simply cannot be explained in words. That unfathomable force is either in you or it is not. That motor will be the impulse for everything that flows naturally and Black Metal has inspired me to express all that sea of thoughts and visions for this world. Cogito ergo sum! I reflect myself on these virtues, since I discovered this Art in my life, I made it the primary core of my actions. Many people think that the behavior of an individual is based on what you hear or read, many times it is not like that, we will not always be the product of something that was circumstantially transmuted.

Your last full-Length, “Into The Goat Vulva,” was a maniacal onslaught of pure Black Witching Metal. What can you tell us about the recording conditions of said album and how long it took to record and compose those songs? Are you happy with the result? 
S.S.- Thank you for your words! The songs were already composed in advance, we just waited for the right moment to materialize them. The recording process with this album was enigmatic, certain situations were dreamlike, few would understand. A vital force and an exalted energy helped us, to make everything happen regardless of the mortal barriers. We got a Chilean drummer to record the album, regarding that, I must say it was a wise choice for B.H. The guitarist traveled weeks before to be able to rehearse with Dead on drums, I traveled later to finish vocals recording. Everything was very fast, in a few days the album was ready, although my vocal conditions were not optimal because I had a bloody cold that left me hoarse, anyway, I managed to do the album in a record time. We will be eternally grateful to Pablo Clares for his dedication and professionalism. He is the owner of DM6 Recording Studio who did an excellent job on the sound of this record.
Bestial Holocaust's music radiates pure malevolence in every way possible. What were the most important ideals in how you presented your music? Furthermore, how important is the attitude of a band? 
S.S.- This question would be more appropriate for the guitarist since he was the founder, leader and composer of all music, I took care of the lyrical theme. However, there is a determining truth in a band, when there is something to be said through this black art, it must be exposed and disseminated accordingly. So it happened with B.H. The attitude in a band is important in all its forms, fire and oxygen are two essential elements. Music and attitude cannot be a dualism, otherwise the result is pure empty nonsense garbage.
Many people categorize Bestial Holocaust as Black/Thrash. Are they correct? From your own perspective, how do you classify the music? 
S.S.- The first demo "Odio y Muerte" was a primitive old school Death Metal, with subsequent releases the style shifted towards a more direct personality. The first album was in a more Black metal vein with passages already characteristic of the band. With the second album, our music evolved towards a more sicker direction (both musically and lyrically.) The criticisms from the media involved, they cataloged us as a Thrash / Black band. The style of the band was already somewhat solid with the third album, but unlike the previous one, the energy of this album was totally dark and foreboding in all its bark, the most appropriate style is how everyone feels it, we played dirty and classic Black/Thrash.
Do you ever see yourself play any other types of music, such as Death Metal and Heavy Metal? 
S.S.- Yes, I am a crazy 90s Death Metal Maniac and I would like to participate in a project play drums. Regarding heavy metal, I enjoy few and select bands, that's all.

What inspired you to become an extreme metal vocalist and what are some of the pros and cons of being a singer? You also play the guitar and drums if I'm not mistaken? 

S.S.-It all started in a project of some acquaintances, at that time I was more interested in playing drums, but since I had no experience, I limited myself to observing rehearsals. I remember that day, they were playing a Burzum cover "War", and the bassist was in charge to sing. Finally, when his break time came, I grabbed the microphone and told them to play something, I immediately started singing. I was screaming like a witch in her ritual in a crazy way, one of the boys said: hey! That sounds demonic! From now on you will be the new vocalist, and that's where it all started. My inspiration was very natural, my voice was "sick" and there was no other style that suited my timbre other than Black Metal. The rehearsals became more frequent, there were plans to record, compose... You know, all that initial adrenaline of the moment. We managed to play several concerts, we shared the stage with Terrorist, a band from Argentina, I had to play bass at the last minute, I learned a song in a few hours without knowing how to play strings. Later other concerts came and it was in some of them that the B.H.'s guitarist heard me sing. For reasons that it is no longer important to mention the project did not work, they all followed different paths. Anyway, I had learned a lot by myself, my voice had matured, I didn't have any vocalist as inspiration. When I was already part of Bestial Holocaust, I understood that being a vocalist was not at all something that could be taken lightly, it required care and other ways to grow the way of vocalizing without losing the particularity. I am very grateful for everything I learned without a doubt. Currently I play the guitar in a very, very precarious way to compose, I am able to reach the note that is in my mind to be able to put together a song. Regarding the battery where my skills are more acute. I have always been very passionate about that instrument. In fact, I worked years to buy one, but I was rarely able to use it, now I do it more frequently.

What is your stance on Satanism? Do you perceive it as an actual religion, or is it something else entirely far removed from the former?

S.S.- What humanity has always achieved since its inception has been to catalog and name a thought, and then impose it as something imperative according to its benefit. Satanism should not be taken under any religious dogma. For me, it is an unique state of being and a very individual way of existence that goes beyond mortal perception and is against human training. For years I stand firm against all this wave of lies and mental ties. Learn to think for yourself without falling into manipulation, that your fight is frontal. 

What are some essential authors/books that had a profound impact on you in how you perceive existence? What kind of books are you interested in?

S.S.- I have read different authors among them: Arthur Schopenhauer, (Freedom), Charles Baudelaire (The Flowers of Evil), Voltaire (Treatise on Tolerance), Carl Gustav Jung (Psychology and Alchemy), Aleister Crowley (The Book of the Law and Others), Friedrich Nietzsche (The Antichrist and several more), Lovecraft, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and etc.... However, none of these books has influenced me to discern my existence. Knowledge must be interpreted to draw one's own conclusions. When this putrid world welcomes our flesh, life is like a "virgin" book and we write our history with blood through the experiences we live. Some time ago, I delved more deeply into books on spiritualism and other deep readings.

I've met quite a few people who were cynical about the legitimacy of females as far as their devotion to metal. How do you respond to such feeble thinking, and also, are there any other woman in extreme metal that you admire?
S.S.- This has always been quite a contentious issue, ignorant machismo still persists in many empty heads. Metal has no gender. It is clear that there are more men in this underworld, and women have always been judged for being a woman. Prejudices and moralities are intriguing topics within this circle. Personally, I observe the behavior of both sexes, there are few women who have earned respect with their actions, and others who deserve to be sodomized from all orifices. Today extreme Metal is undergoing a regression due to indoctrination and the useless image of appearance. Many girls take advantage of this to show off their butts with pride, identifying that prostitution as a false and degrading rebellion, just as male musicians confuse the attitude of this art with clown behavior. Unfortunately, even the modern age of internet has expanded this shit that is increasingly governed by this deformation. Those who respect this Philosophy of life should not drool behind these whores or applaud those clowns. The guillotine is ready to roll the heads of those puppets, regardless of whether it is a man or a woman. I know very few women who have my admiration, among them: Laura Macias (Hella / Bassist of Thornspawn and founder of Maledictvs. Of course, I also like bands where women are integrated like: Adorior, Derketa, Mythic, Demonic Christ, Valhalla, Tunjum, in infernal war and others that do not come to my mind.

What can you tell us about your respective work with Only Death Is Real 'zine? When did you first start editing the 'zine and what have you learned from the whole experience? 
S.S.- I started on this dystopian path with Only Death is Real Zine 15 years ago, with the firm objective of supporting all maniacs directly involved with Underground's feeling, under my personal selection. In those times the ink and paper was the law. In my first and second issues, I sent and received fully handwritten interviews, it was a double job at the time of transcribing it, but the pleasure of doing it was priceless. I received many letters, many promotionals from bands in Europe, United States and South America. I made real friends with maniacs devoted to black metal, metalheads who to this day continue their activities without fainting. I edited 2 issues with editions limited to 200 copies that were duly spread, the support for my work was enormous from the bangers. The learning was about everything from improving spelling and grammar to diagramming minute details with greater precision. I had a couple of bad experiences with ripping off idiots. Surely those bastards have stopped listening to metal. I had the idea to edit the third number in those years but I couldn't do it. Time passed and I am working again to achieve my goal and bring my zine to life. I have a lot of interview material to do it. If there is devotion and passion for what you do, time will not be a problem.
It seems like a lot of people nowadays underestimate the importance of 'zines, and you can see that in their attitudes and how they conduct themselves (Particularly younger bands.) How crucial is the role of 'zines, and what do you make of these shitty attitudes? Do they deserve our support or not?

S.S.- It is easy to draw a conclusion from the outside, especially from young people who have not experienced an iota of all that underground movement. The fanzine belongs to a time, where all this music was rooted with loyalty to Underground's word, passionate whose purpose was to spread the black art of many bands, and thanks to that support they managed to cross borders. It felt a rebellious attitude and freedom of thought. In those years, Metal was not overshadowed by the hypocrites in which it is oppressed today, many mouths are infused with the word "old school", but the actions of these corpses are the opposite of their sermons. Old school means not opening your butt to modern sodomy, keeping traditions intact and carrying them forward with pride and conviction, as some persevering away from the obsession with making money still do. You have to have good judgment when listening to new bands, the support should in no way be condescending and blind. Whoever does not respect the value of a good zine or worse, denies its existence can go to hell. We do not need "rookie" from an age determined by progress and lobotomized by the use of technology as drug. On the other hand, today the "critics" who philosophize about Metal are journalists who write for big magazines, places where objectivity and sincerity are blackened by censorship and violated by conformity, in addition the jungle called "web" is full of sites that have the same problem mentioned above. Fortunately, time is the supreme judge who has always managed to disappear them.

What is your opinion on the mentality of people who throw hissy fits when they get bad reviews for their music? Are such actions justifiable or should people be more open to criticism?
S.S.- We have to be aware that we are living in an era of absurd competitions, many bands seek recognition in well-known media and are intolerant of honest and critical reviews, there is no maturity at all. If a review is constructive, of course it has to be received as such, even if it is not entirely to your liking, if they are only unfounded writings full of ignorance there is no reason to pay attention to it. In addition, we agree that personal tastes are not the same for everyone, a band cannot be liked by everyone, de gustibus non disputandum est. I know people who do not appreciate the first Sarcofago records, that is sacrilege for me, but it is their choice, while they don't throw shit on it, for me that's fine. Today few people who are really wrapped up in the mystical essence of this magic, and the catastrophe is that most of those who write sentences calling them criticism, have turned Metal into journalism, you can understand it too. An album is not "judged" only by the music, but also by the energy that it is capable of emanating, and the critical spirit that one must have to avoid prejudice or morals. For example, most reviewers / judges will never have the personality and objectivity to be able to write a thought about a NS band, because they are subject to indoctrination from society and spit shit anyway. In addition to the rampant inability to write, envy is also added, many snakes vomit venom just to denigrate a band.
Fear of the PC brigade has turned everyone into apologetic little bitches. There's literally no danger in extreme metal any more. How do you perceive this whole phenomenon?
S.S. - Exactly. I think avoiding problems and controversies has become a requirement for pacifist metalheads. That attitude of representation no longer exists. The fear of expressing ideas becomes a disease. Where is the extreme? That this does not remain in words. People ingratiate themselves with everyone for being accepted in a "circle". It is clear that those who do not defend their ideas, or, they are useless or their ideas are empty, and we cannot be intimidated by idiots whose hands are glued by cum to a keyboard. The thought must be linked to the verb Militancy, we must be the boot that crushes these larvae. We must not hide behind the misanthropic idea that is often masked by fear of acting. This extreme music was born to tear down any docile and condescending dogma or thought. We are wolves never sheep! A few weeks ago I posted a resounding rejection of junk people who use metal to wipe their ass with their modern ideas, I was aware that I would get a lot of shit against me from those worms. There are thousands of cowardly parasites hidden without honor. NO FEAR!! ZERO TOLERANCE!! If my truth offends like a razor, I am satisfied with it. May they hate me as long as they fear me. 

Have you discovered any killer bands from the last few years that you enjoy and also recommend? What about the scene in Bolivia? Any newer bands from there worth checking out?
S.S.- Lately I am listening to new albums by bands that I know like: Inquisition, Azarath, Incantation, Impiety, Impurity, Horncrowned… ect… On new or relatively new bands to recommend would be: Wolflust (Brazil), Malakhim (Sweden), N.N.M. (Italy) Evil (Japan), Hexorcist (United States), Sacrocurse (Mexico), Genuflexion (Argentina), Morbosatan (Peru) and oct...

The scene in my country in recent years has strengthened, there are new and interesting bands, fanzines that are being published consecutively, organizations of independent material fairs and concerts of great interest. Unfortunately, as everywhere, these types of activities are temporarily frozen by the pandemic. Anyway, it is a pleasure to see that warrior spirit resurfacing in the devils soul. Some of the bands that I recommend are: Sepulchral Pest, Supay, Werewolf, Profanador among others. 

What are 10 albums you can't live without?

S.S. - let see...

1.-Storn of the Light s Bane (Dissection)

2.-Cold Steel…for an Iron Age (Destroyer666)

3.-Bathory (Bathory)

5.-Penetralia (Hipocrisy)

6.-Nifelheim (Nifelheim)

7.-Killers (Iron Maiden)

8.-The Nocturnal Silence (Necrophobic)

9.-Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult (Inquisition)

10.-INRI (Sarcofago)  

Tell us a bit about your art: how long have you been drawing and how would you describe your style? Have you done any art for bands? What are some of your favorite artists?
S.S.- Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by painting and its colors, drawings and its forms, over time my inclination became more evident with surrealist art, I also like bizarre art. Personally I see this part of the human artistic space as something magical, cosmic and hidden, I could not describe it otherwise. I started drawing a few months ago, it was something unexpected to discover that I had that talent dormant for so many years. I do not have a particular style due to my little experience, I am a self-taught draftsman, but hyperrealism catches my attention, later I will probably try to merge it with the surrealist style. Well, I did a couple of logos for two bands, I have a few more requests pending. My favorite artists are: Jean Delville, Francisco de Goya, Leonora Carrington, William Blake, Zdzisław Beksiński, Salvador Dali, Vergvoktre and etc ... in extreme metal artists that I admire are: Mark Riddick, Chris Moyen, Alan Pérez (Peru), Gilbert Miranda (Costa Rica), Daniel Corcuera (Chile), Daniele Valeriani (Italy), Paolo Girardi.  

Lastly, how do you foresee the future in relation to your activities? The last morbid words are yours. 
S.S.- I have several plans in my mind with my zine and my personal project. As soon as I have something physical you will be the first to know. I appreciate the support of all those crazy maniacs who still hold Bestial Holocaust in their minds. In this universe of extreme metal only the true devils will resist against any modern storm, the weak will die like flies in their failed attempt to belong. NO REGRETS! NO REMORSE! NO FUCKING COMPROMISE!!

Thanks for your support! it was an interesting interview, I enjoyed it!

I invite you demons to visit my two pages where you will find interesting information.