14 Aug 2022

Interview: Azazel (2022)


AZAZEL are among my top Finnish black metal bands. They started in 1992, and so far they have put out a demo, EP, split, and three full-lengths. Their sound can be best summed up as straight-forward black metal in its purest form, though characterized by strict underground ethos. I had an opportunity to interview the drummer, Idimmu, who also played in SLUGATHOR (Death Metal) and EVOKED CURSE (Black/Heavy Metal) among others. 

Hails! First of all, congratulations on your killer music with AZAZEL! I consider AZAZEL to be the embodiment of all that is sacred and pure about black metal. In terms of your musical approach and ideas, what is the core philosophy behind AZAZEL?

Azazel is about Satan.

You’ve been pretty consistent with your last three albums. All quality releases! What’s the key behind staying consistent and inspired?
Thanks for your words. Azazel have had at least 4-5 completely different line-ups. Of course stuff varies a bit, but the main thing was to not to follow any current trends, just do our own thing. For Azazel it works to publish new music quite rarely. It’s not about the quantity (hmm... Darkthrone, Horna… anyone?), but quality. The receipt is quite simple. Primitive riffs, simple melodies, if any. Mavrofos is now our main-composer, and his skills are getting better and better. He has told us that although he is the main-musical mastermind of Rienaus-band, he write completely different kind of stuff for Azazel. He is able to think what suits to Azazel, and what is for Rienaus.

What was the recording process like for your last album, "Aegrum Satanas Tecum"? And how did you manage to create such a harsh and evil sound? The production is perfect!

We recorded the album during fall 2021-early 2022. We used Ilari Ilmonen as recorder/mixer. The instruments were recorded at Rock Bear-venue in Vantaa, Finland and the vocal-parts were executed at our vocalist, Satanachia’s place in Mänttä, Finland. We told Ilari not to make it to clean and stuff. I don’t recall exactly what we had in mind, but it was supposed to have that mid ‘90s vibe to it. Like Judas Iscariot, Darkthrone-Total Death, and so on.

Based on what I've observed, you are influenced by bands such as SODOM, BATHORY, MORTUARY DRAPE and DARKTHRONE. However, I can also hear the trademark Finnish elements in the riffs. Is my evaluation correct? The sound is undeniably old-school in the true sense! What bands inspire you the most?
Good question. I think you should ask Mavrofos, as he listens a lot music outside of metal too (like industrial, dark electronics, gothic-stuff and even techno…), but if you ask me, I’m just an old school metal-guy who loves even such old bands as Angel Witch, Venom and Iron Maiden! The names you dropped are really important for sure, just that to me Darkthrone was really the 90’s thing, so I don’t have a lot of their newer stuffs. In Year 2008 friends and me brought Mortuary Drape to Finland for the first time, so…
About Finnish bands. PERSONALLY I am into bands like Beherit, old Black Crucifixion, Archgoat, The Lord Diabolus, and so on. Not really keen to the “Finnish”-sound, but I’m sure our song-writer has some influence from that side of music as well. Outside of Finland I’d add Grand Belial’s Key and Burzum as more or less influences too.

Bathory is Satanachia’s favorite band, but mostly first 4 albums. He said that he got into black metal in year 1988!! He was already back then into Slayer, Bathory, Venom and Celtic Frost… so there’s some TRUE old school for you!!! XD P.S. Satanachia confessed that “Blood on Ice” rules too…!

How would you describe your drumming style? Do you have any favorite drummers or inspirations?  

I am actually not very technical drummer. My style is quite clumsy and primitive and the way I perform live is more like energetic and very powerful. Of course I have some favourite drummers anyway… I can tell: Nicko McBrain, Proscriptor of Absu, Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Away of Voivod, Fenriz during Soulside Journey-death metal -era, etc.

Your extensive music experience includes playing in SLUGATHOR and many other bands. Would you mind telling us a bit more about your other projects?

There is now only 1 active band for me, it’s called SATANIC TORMENT. Its bass-driven black/death metal, like Necromantia, Barathrum, Beherit. So far Satanic Torment only released 1 full-length and some demos and eps. The full-length is called “Submit to the Lord of Darkness”. The ST-guys including me also had a side-project called HOSTIS HUMANI GENERIS, who plays old school death metal like Nunslaughter and Asphyx, but that band is on ice right now. I also had some different projects with the same guys, like Witchtiger and Evoked Curse, who are both dead, and then I played drums for all recordings of NECROSTUPRUM with Tomasz of Throneum. Death Metal-band Slugathor released a new album this year (2022). It’s called “Crypt of the Ancient Fire” with pretty much the all old line-up (Tommi, Axu, Antti, Jarno, Immu). This album was originally recorded in 2010, and now only finished and released last and this year. There is also one doom band, but things are working slowly, and I have nothing to tell yet….

After releasing a new album, SLUGATHOR broke up again. (At least according to metal archives.) Why? How is the reaction to your new album so far?  

Slugathor never reformed. This is misunderstanding. We just dug up our unreleased 2010 studio-recording, that was supposed to be released already back then. We listened to the stuff and thought that it's actually really strong material, so of course we wanted to release it. I am sure most of our old fans were into the album. We received at least nice words from Bill of Disma and Make of Eternal Darkness…

What did you think of the Lords of Chaos movie and what’s your opinion about nowadays Mayhem?

I have seen that movie, but I’d rather not comment too much, except to me it was silly and childish version of the events in Norway. The reality was much darker and not so “Hollywood”. About Mayhem. I have seen the new documentary-series called Helvete - Historien om norsk black metal, and there was some pretty interesting things on it (except the last episode: “Let’s make Norwegian black metal commercial”). My opinion of Mayhem? I am only into them until “Wolf’s lair Abyss”, but those cover tracks on “Daemon”-album are really nice too actually (Death Strike/Death/Morbid). So… to me the true Mayhem is the 80’s and early 90’s stuff. It was always hard for me to get passed with the idea about Mayhem without Euronumous…

Thank you for your time! Lastly, what’s next for AZAZEL? 

We are planning a split recording with one band that we maybe shouldn’t announce at this point. We are still on Primitive Reaction Records, and plan to release besides that split at least one more album with Azazel (who knows when, last time there was 6 years gap with 2nd and 3rd album…). We are going to record some old track also for that split-release, most probably it will be “Azazel” from 1993 demo, but we are not 100% sure yet. Of course new songs as well. We aim to be even more old school than on “Aegrum Satanas Tecum” of course. Azazel won’t play live anymore. Or maybe 1-2 times, but not really. That stuff is really too complicated for us because of various reasons…

9 Jul 2022

EP review: Shizoparanoic Platoon – Warfare: Mass Annihilation (2019)


Shizoparanoic Platoon – Warfare: Mass Annihilation


Askio Productions

The latest EP from these Greek tyrants, entitled “Warfare: Mass Annihilation,” mercilessly bludgeons the listener’s brain into submission from the get-go. The album contains six tracks and clocks in at thirteen minutes, launching a barrage of straight-ahead aural violence characterized by ugly riffs, sickened growls, and cavernous drums. The hellish cacophony is supported by a raw production that fits their style perfectly.

Fans of bestial black/death metal will absolutely love this release. The EP is short, but makes up for it with pure visceral brutality. On top of that, there is no filler, so to speak. There’s a lot of replay value, thanks to the punishing riffs and well-arranged songs.

Prior to this release, the band released a compilation album, which I haven't heard, but after being blown away by this EP, I definitely plan on checking it out. Every track on this EP is great, especially the cover of Blasphemy's Demoniac, which I highly recommend hearing. Schizoparanoic Platoon's name pretty much tells you what to expect, so be prepared to have your brains reduced to a pulp with this disc. A highly recommended War Metal act from Greece! (HT)

Album review: Koldkrypt - Holocauste Global (2022)

Koldkrypt – Holocauste Global


Hessian Firm

“Holocauste Global” is the second full-length album by the French black metal powerhouse, Koldkrypt. Their brand of hateful, cold and misanthropic black metal is just what the doctor ordered. The disc is comprised of eight tracks, with drawn-out compositions and an atmosphere cold enough to drop temperatures in your room once you start listening.

Koldkrypt is unlike any other black metal project I’ve heard before, while at the same time sounding familiar without fitting into any particular trend. This isn't orthodox black metal, nor is it second-tier Darkthrone worship, or some war metal-like stuff – it's simply black metal without gimmicks; straight to the point, like a bullet to the head.

There is an epic quality to the riffs on this release, which at times evokes images of medieval battles and castles in some frostbitten kingdom. The atmosphere has an apocalyptic feel to it, combined with well-written compositions and hate-filled vocals.

A lot of emphasis is placed on guitars on this recording, and I must say the guy is really proficient, as he incorporates a lot of intricate melodies that sometimes border on the virtuosity of power metal, but they work well as they convey a lot of depth.

The mix of harsh elements with sombre guitar melodies works well, although don't mistake this for a post-black metal outfit trying to unite people around some lame environmental theme. Here is a quote that illustrates the misanthropic and anti-human nature of the music: 

“The release is driven by hate, but not by hate for any one group of people within society, or the fact that society even exists at all. Typhus X directs caustic hatred towards humanity as a whole, drawing attention to our shortcomings and failures as a species”

In light of that, it should come as no surprise that Typhus X covered Zyklon B's 'Warfare', and to say the cover is sick is an understatement; Koldkrypt's version absolutely honors the original. This record is driven by pure visceral and primal aggression, while also showing a certain level of virtuosity that showcases the phenomenal talent behind this project. Fans of Scandinavian black metal from the '90s will love this project. As I listened to this, I was reminded of bands like Kvist, Arckanum, and Zemial. Even so, Koldkrypt does not sound like those bands, although they do emit a similar energy.

This is apocalyptic, vitriolic, and well-executed black metal that will appeal to those with a disdain for trends and the mainstream. It is time to celebrate the end of your worthless existence with this soundtrack. Rejoice! (HT)

8 Jul 2022

Interview: Death To Peace Productions (2022)


We interviewed Warweolf of Death To Peace Productions, which is a record label based in Quebec that specializes in underground black metal.

1. HAILS Steve! Please tell us about your label, DEATH TO PEACE PRODUCTIONS, and what it stands for.

Hails Death by Hammer!

In the beginning, Death to Peace Productions was supposed to be solely a distributor of underground music. After meeting a few owners of production labels, I was hooked and decided to start my own label. Death to Peace Productions is an underground elitist black metal label yearning for the annihilation of all religions and a certain way of life. We have expanded our horizons over the years and are now working with extreme metal bands (thrash and death metal), as well as some dungeon synth and dark ambient, for example. This Saguenay, Québec label has not stopped growing since its beginnings, in 2012.

I’ve had two collaborators over the years. When they left, for personal reasons, I asked an old colleague to join me, with whom I had previously worked in distribution and show bookings.

Death To peace Productions also brings to the table two more services that many people don’t know about: Ombre Nordique Studios and Northern Shade Photography. At Ombre Nordique Studios, my own home studio, I offer mixing and mastering for any band, well known or not, from all over the world. After all these years, we decided to also add a distribution service to our label, like in the good old days. Who knows what else awaits in the future! Maybe event organising and show bookings are in the cards for us… I have a team that would do great at that.

As for news regarding the distro: we were lucky to buy a whole inventory, from a closing label in Hamilton, Ontario: Von Frost Records. We got a great deal on many vinyl records, cassettes, the whole distro and Discogs store. This gave us an easy start.

2. What have you released so far? And what kind of formats do you specialize in?

Putrid Christ—Queen of the Wolves, USBM CD 2013

Infernal Execrator—6 Execrating Years Of Irreligiousatanic Elite "Mastema Hedonistic Terroritual 666", Black/Death Metal, Cassette, compilation limited‎ 2014

Unrest / Idolatry—Infection Born Of Ending, Black Metal Canada 7", EP, Ltd, Split 2015

Suicidal Madness—Au Crépuscule d'une Vie, Depressive Black Metal France Cassette S/Sided, Numbered, Limited 2015

Goatpreacher—Chaos Sabbath, Goat Metal Russia Cassette limited EP 2016 en collaboration avec Von Frost Records (R.I.P)

Trwoga—Wieczyst Zima, Dark Ambient Poland Pro CD-r Limited 2020

Loup noir—Requiem, Heathen black metal France Pro CD-r 2021

Between 2015 and 2020, we were mainly into merch production: patches, back patches, t-shirts, stickers, pendants, etc.

Now we mostly specialize in DIY type cassettes. The recording is done by an expert team in Montreal, located 666km away. The booklets and stickers for the tapes are made in my hometown. When everything is ready, devoted friends of mine come over and help cutting the booklets and apply the stickers on the cassettes. All done by hand! When all goes well, we have around 100 cassettes ready in a day.

3. What bands do you currently represent and what are your upcoming releases?

As for the bands that we have worked with and released either one or many albums or merch, we are interested in releasing a 12’’ vinyl record of cult album “Chaos Sabbath”, by Goatpreacher. We will also definitely release a 5-way split, “Apocalypse of the Impure”, containing tracks by bands such as Mysteriis (Colombia), Miasma (Canada), Rotting Jehovah (USA), ENT666 (Canada) and Swarm of Hatred (Chile). Each of these bands will be showcasing two previously unreleased tracks. In addition, an intro, an outro and interludes will be churned at yours truly’s Ombre Nordique studios, in collaboration with Kashnum, composer for Trwoga, and Wampyrion, composer for Alcath. The second release will be hailing from Greece. Last year, we released Trwoga (dark ambient from Poland), and this year we got an offer from Wampyrion Markhor Necrowolf, a dungeon synth composer.

4. From your perspective, what can you tell us about the Quebec scene and what are the best bands from there in your opinion?

The Quebec scene is very rich in “Métal noir Québécois”, our own style of black metal, very sought after all over the world, but mostly in Europe. It is also the birthplace of many great bands in many styles of metal such as thrash (Voivod), and death (Crucificator, Necronomicon)

Great bands from my home town : Deathroner (Death Thrash), Triskèle and Kenaz (pagan).Atroce.

Other amazing bands from all over Québec : Forteresse, Délétère, Miasma, Monarque, Akitsa, Saccage, Hiverna, Ossuaire, Verglas Sanglant, Neige et Noirceur, Chasse Galerie.

There are also many great festivals where many well-known bands come and perform. You might be familiar with La Messe des Morts (an indoor black metal festival), Trois-Rivières Metal Fest, Skogen Festival and the Québec Deathfest, amongst many others.

5. What's 10 albums you can't live without?

Good question, I’d never really thought about it before. In no particular order, I would say:

Forteresse—Métal Noir Québécois

Deicide—Amon- Feasting the Beast

Arckanum—Fran Marder

Deathwitch—Dawn of Armageddon

Pogrom 1147—Black Metal Complete




Cannibal Corpse—Butchered at Birth

Marduk—Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered

6. Do you agree with the humanist sentiment "every human life is precious"?

Never. It would be like saying that hippies and vegans follow the best philosophy. There are too many of us on this planet, 8 billion skeletons. Many are frail, sick, falling apart. Of those 8 billion, if only a quarter would exist, it would bring balance in the world. Life and humanity don’t go together hand in hand, and some have a goal of populating the planet more and more: it’s just too much. China and India are too populated. You can guess by our motto at Death to Peace Productions, that I am a lot more interested in the Anti-human/anti-life philosophies. Annihilation of all religions and a certain way of life!!! Death to peace!!!

7. Is life returning to normal in your area after the epidemic? What is your opinion about the whole ordeal?

Governments all over the world didn’t handle this well at all. Here, all politicians acted like assholes. Mandatory mask-wearing and 3 mandatory doses of vaccine (4th one now recommended now, they are crazy), as well as 9pm to 5am curfews. Being a night bird, I was going crazy, I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t do anything. No family gatherings, or holidays. Small businesses and restaurants were closed. Jail time for those who did not comply. Domestic violence and killing cases exploded, as well as the suicide rate. To shut us up those rats gave us each 500$, as if it would bring us our lives back. We are supposed to be in a free country, yet the Canadian and Quebec government acted like they were back to the middle-ages. In French we say GOUVERNEMENSONGES…GOVERNLIARS!

8. What is your opinion on the current state of the "underground"? (If there even is such a thing anymore.)

The underground as we know it is very rare these days because of the Internet. You can easily find just about anything right now using Soulseek, for example, which kills the scene and cult bands. Before the Internet, Soulseek, Napster, mIRC, Emule and especially Youtube, we had to order directly from the label via our local music store. I remember that we used to order from Napalm Records Austria to get rare albums, these albums that get more valuable with time. Now, with digital downloading, any band can produce itself with Bandcamp. Smaller labels like Death to Peace Productions are often asked for digital copies, but it is not our cup of tea. If bands on our label want to do it, it is their choice, as we are not for or against it. The artists can decide for themselves, but I personally love listening to an album in its analog format, a limited edition good old vinyl record or cassette of some obscure band.

9. Lastly, what's next for DEATH TO PEACE PRODUCTIONS and do you have any last words for your enemies and the fucking sheep out there?

2022 is an important year for our DEATH TO PEACE PRODUCTION label: we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in August. After ten tumultuous years, we are now happy to offer a distribution service, plus mixing and mastering at Ombre Nordique Studios, and professional photography at Northern Shades Photography.

Finally, here is what I would like to say to all our enemies:

DEATH TO PEACE PRODUCTIONS is a Canadian production/distribution Label of underground elitist black metal, wanting the annihilation of all religions and some way of life... Hail Satan...Praise the Goat!!!


10 Jun 2022

Interview: Wolflust (2022)


The following interview was done with War Metal titans WOLFLUST.

Hails! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, man. Can you tell us a little bit about how Wolflust emerged and your influences?

R: Greetings! WOLFLUST was formed by Cernunnos Legion - War proclamations, distortions blastbass and sulfuric vomits, Trojillo - Artillery, ammunition and warhammer of doom, with the aim of producing a chaotic WAR DEATHBLACK METAL, rescuing the old spirit of the 80s/90s, inspired by the gods: SARCOPHAGE(old), BLASPHEMY, HELLHAMMER, SODOM(old), ANGELCORPSE, CONQUEROR, MUTILATOR(old), and others.

Tell us about your Satanic Megatons EP and the overall reaction from underground maniacs.

R: When we recorded our ep we had no pretensions, our intention was just to record all our hate and anger in the form of music, we were really impressed with the acceptance of the material in the Underground environment, in all this ep has so far had 7 different versions, 2 on tape(Davao Hellsbangers/Philippines and Southwindland recs/Brazil), 2 on cd(hammer of damnation recs/Brazil and Anti-human prods./Canada), Box cd(Anti-human prods./Canada) on LP(9 Brazilian labels and Raise the dead Recs/England). Until today we receive many messages from maniacs from all over the world commenting on this material.

The sound on that EP is absolutely merciless. Can we expect more of the same with the next attack?

R: Our intention is for each upcoming material to sound as brutal and wild as possible, in WOLFLUST you will never find new trends or fads, only the most profane and brutal WARDEATHBLACKMETAL like the old days! Stand by because the worst is yet to come!

Your band’s name derives from an Angelcorpse song, so it would be reasonable to assume they had a big influence on you? What do you think about an Angelcorpse reunion?

Yes, Cernunnos and I are fans of ANGELCORPSE, for us it is a direct inspiration and influence. Unfortunately the shows of this tour that would take place in Brazil were cancelled due to the pathetic Brazilian producer who screwed everything up.

Who did the artwork for the Satanic Megatons EP? It's pretty sick!

The cover was made by a renowned Brazilian artist called Marcos Miller, he has done several covers for other bands like Exterminate, Mental Horror, Cauterization, and many others. And we will continue to work with him to make the arts for the next materials.

You covered Bathory’s classic “Sacrifice”. How much of an influence is Quorthorn on your band and what do you think of their later Viking era?

Yes it was an immense honor for us to be able to record our version of the song “sacrifice”, as Bathory is a huge influence not only for us but also for thousands of other bands around the world. Personally, I prefer Bathory's early stage more, but all of his works are magnificent!

What can you tell us about the scene there in your city, and which active bands do you think are worth checking out from Brazil?

I live in a city in the interior of the state of São Paulo, there is no scene in my city and no bands. Brazil has always been a barn of great bands that served as inspiration for the rest of the world, currently there are several bands doing excellent works such as: Necrosound, Açoite, Necrogosto, Luvart, Havok666, Kanvass, Ceremony, Antichrist Hooligans, Sade, Negro Bode Terrorist, Barbatos, Spiritual Hate, Diabolism, and many others.

Tell us a bit about your lyrics and what inspires them.

Our lyrics deal with themes of wars, death, desecration, and against all religions that manipulate and imprison human beings. We follow as inspiration the themes addressed in albums from the early 80s/90s such as show no mercy, endless pain, seven churches, morbid visions, INRI, infernal overkill, in the sign of evil, fallen angel of doom, among others..

For some people, metal is just a phase, but for others it's a lifetime pursuit. What does it mean to be a diehard metal heathen? Also, how do you feel about people formerly into black/death converting to Christianity?

Well, I've been in this for over 30 years, so I don't think it's a phase hahaha, really I have Metal for me as a lifestyle, there isn't a day that I don't listen to Metal in my life. Unfortunately our country is an extremely Christian country, and many get into this shit looking for something illusory or that will bring them salvation or a better life in some fantasy place. Metal has never had anything to do with religion, Metal has always been anti-Christian and always will be, so we will always execrate the pathetic people and bands that call themselves White Metal.

What’s currently on your playlist?

I listen to a lot, I'm a real maniac who looks for new bands all the time, I can tell you the bands I'm listening to this week: KANVASS, ARCHGOAT, GBK, IMPURITY, GOATSMEGMA, BLASPHEMY, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE, CHRIST DENIED, MALIGNANCY, THORYBOS , between others.

It goes without saying that Brazil has an endless supply of great bands. What do you think makes people from there want to play such violent and intense music?

Certainly the reason Brazilian bands create songs with so much hate, anger and violence, is the portrait of our lives and realities, we are a third world country, with a totally fucked up economy, where the vast majority work themselves to death, we pay the highest taxes on the planet and we have no return, the vast majority do not have access to good education, medical care or security, violence in large centers is gigantic, that is, the brutal and violent sound is just a reflection of our lives.

What can you tell us about your other band Industrial Noise? It seems the band has been around for a time!

Yes, I created INDUSTRIAL NOISE in 1993 as a totally noise project, then in 1998 it became a band with rehearsals and shows, we released dozens of materials such as demo-tapes, cds, 7eps, etc.. We are currently stopped since the beginning of the pandemic. But a year ago I formed another band with another member of INDUSTRIAL NOISE, it's called ACUSTIC NEUROMA, the sound is a mix of death metal and grind, in the old style like bands like BLOOD, REPULSION, F.O.G., DEPRESSION.

Thanks for your time, Mauro! The Satanic Megatons EP rips. I hope to hear more of the same with the next assault. The last words are yours.

Thank you very much for the interview and space given to WOLFLUST! Very soon we will have several releases coming out like a new EP and other split's 7'EPs, and also other news, keep in touch! Keep up the war against white-shit shit and fake metal! Fuck Peace! Praise war!!!

9 Jun 2022

Interview: Brutal Sphere (2022)


New interview with French Death Metal band BRUTAL SPHERE.

Hello guys! This is Jim behind the keyboard and editor of DBH Webzine. How’s everything going and what have you been up to since the release of your killer debut album?

First of all, the recording of this album was a living hell, because I am convinced that god did not want us to release it, first of all our first singer left the group for no reason (surely his wife, ahh ahh) so we had to look for another singer and after some tests we came across Nick and there we knew that it was him, it is really great, and then there was a series of extremely unlikely events that made us lose a lot of time.

How long were you working on “World Decomposing by Vermin” and what was the overall recording process like? What inspired the title?

Ah yes on your previous question the title comes from the fact that man is the scourge of the world and that it is rotting because of him. And for the sound I'm a big fan of morbid angel, but in no way do we try to emulate them.

When you wrote your debut, did you have a particular sound in mind? I heard some similarities to Cianide and Bolt Thrower, as I mentioned in my review.

For my part, as I told you I am crazy about morbid angel, it is for me the very essence of death metal evil, and some bands are unique like sarmat, mortify, necrovorous, etc...

What is the secret to writing a solid and memorable Death Metal album, and do you think you’ve achieved that with the debut?

I don't know if there is a secret but what is certain is that there are catchy riffs that stay stuck in your head and for me it is not the fastest riffs that are the best

Do you think that being self-critical is a good or a bad thing for musicians? Or does too much self-criticism lead to a lack of progress?

I think that reviews are good to take, good or bad, it allows you to evolve and see what is going and what is not. He who does not like them will never evolve.

Do you have any pet peeves about the state of metal today, and if so, could you please elaborate?

Yes there are more and more unfortunately, for me it is serious music with a certain state of mind and these minds lose it. Some young metalheads take this music from the fun and known bands that are no longer in the spirit of what death metal is. It's like in all styles of music, there's a spirit that goes with it and if you don't you'll be.

10 albums you can’t live without.

Morbid angel, suffocation, the first deicide, gorguts, pestilence, crummer, marduk, belphegor, morta skuld, magoth.

What's next for Brutal Sphere? Will you be playing any shows? What can we expect from the band in the future? Thanks for your time and all the best!

So the next step is to propose a new album, we already have some riffs, and that's why it will evolve in our riffs, it will always be dark but more violent. We got a new guitarist and drummer so our line-up is complete. It will be complicated to see each other because we all live far from each other but we are motivated and we will get there if the problems do not slow us down. And of course we will try to play some concerts once everything is in place. Thank you for your interest at brutal sphère.

5 Jun 2022

Album review: Bloody Redemption – Infected Minds (2017)


Bloody Redemption – Infected Minds


Support Underground

Bloody Redemption is a quartet hailing from  Revúca, Slovakia, playing traditional-styled death metal with a rather clear production. “Infected Minds” is the band’s debut full-length, and it doesn’t look like the band have released any prior material, which is a bit unusual, though it seems the members have some experience in other bands, such as Pyopoesy (hilarious name), Guzzle Booze, and Marturos. Anyway, onto the music.

I would describe Bloody Redemption's style as old-school modern death metal. The influences are obviously taken from classic bands, although the production leans more to the polished side, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here, it only serves to enhance the already solid performance. In terms of tempo, the band keeps the music in the mid-pace zone, while audible bass lines and solid percussion repeatedly pummel the listener as if he/she were a punching bag. There is a good balance between melodic hooks, technicality, and heaviness in the riffs. The vocals here are guttural growls with some power behind them, which suits the sound of the band.

The debut album, “Infected Minds”, is pretty damn good, though there is always room for improvement. For instance, I think the compositions could use some refinement, and maybe a little more heaviness wouldn't be so bad. The production, while solid, is perhaps a bit too clean for my taste when it comes to death metal, though I can still appreciate the music. Overall, a killer debut album of old-school-inspired death metal by these Slovakian underground fiends. Check it out. (HT)

Demo review: Euthanized - Sanguine Spectacle (2021)


Euthanized – Sanguine Spectacle


Helldprod Records

Euthanized is a Victoria-based trio from British Colombia, Canada, playing vile and raunchy black metal the way it’s meant to be played. "Sanguine Spectacle" is the band's second demo (and fourth release overall). The band had already released a self-titled demo in 2016, the "Riches among Refuse" EP in 2018, and the "A Pact from The Grave" split with Cultist in 2019.

Venom-spewing vocals accompanied by low-tuned and evil sounding guitars assault the listener on the first track, which also features a Motorhead-inspired solo near the end. Drum beats are simple, but well-balanced in the mix, staying mostly in a mid-pace range. One of the features I adore most about Euthanized is the vocalist’s propensity for all-out maddening rage, which brings to mind Maniac from Mayhem’s Deathcrush era. It's aggressive, heavy as hell, raw, and very old-school sounding, which is my kind of black metal. Most of the tracks are around three to four minutes long, which is more than enough time to sink your teeth into Euthanized's aural carnage. On the last track, the band covers Venom's classic "Live Like An Angel", which is not only a great choice for a cover, but is also executed flawlessly.

I think this is an excellent demo by a band that completely surprised me with its ancient and passionate sound that is a throwback to old times without being a weak copycat of its influences. There is a real sense of conviction in their sound, which should appeal to fans of bands like (early) Mayhem, Sarcofago, and Katharsis. I look forward to the full-length. (HT)