4 Apr 2021

Interview: Angelgoat (2021)

The notorious Black Metal horde ANGELGOAT have been making waves in the underground ever since their inception in 2001. The following interview was conducted with Unholy Carnager - the mastermind behind the cult.

Infernal hails! When you first formed the band, what kind of vision did you have in mind, and has it changed much over the years? What does Black Metal mean to you?

Hails! After the culmination of cognition, the vision of Angelgoat came to physical form in 2001. Since then, the changes were minimal, mostly some things were just upgraded, keeping the main form. I don't see that as something positive if the music or the concept keeps changing. In that case, I would make a new band, and when it's about Angelgoat, fans will always know what to expect: minimalistic, primitive and raw old-school Black Metal, with the sound that permeates from the late '80s / early '90s.

Besides Angelgoat, there were a few more visions, like playing melodic Black Metal, or even a Death/Doom Metal project, but somehow that never manifested, and probably never will...

Can you give us some information about the current line-up? If I'm not mistaken, “U Slavu Satane”(In Glory of Satan) was the last release to feature other members' input?

I always had a high criterion when it's about the individuals for the band. Only Devil worshiping musicians are acceptable and appropriate to share and contribute this vision. Due to the constant deficit of adequate members, I was mostly doing everything by myself. One of the rare, and only people besides me, was Occultum Malleus. The names of the new Devil worshiping musicians of the new line-up will be revealed soon. With the new release, of corpse.

How do you go about playing all the instruments and putting everything together? Is it a difficult process? How long have you been playing each instrument?

It all began in the late '90s, and it might come as a surprise, but my first instrument was a keyboard. Soon after that, I started playing the guitar, bass, and drums. But from the very start, my main focus was on vocals. “Vatropoklonstvo” (Fire Worship) and “Ustoličenje” (Enthronement) are the first songs I ever made. When I compose songs, I do it in a relaxed state, without deadlines and pressure. For my own pleasure, primarily. Playing guitar, writing down the riffs, playing, listening and doing the arrangements, riff by riff, until the song is done. A Guitar Pro is pretty handy thing, for composing and saving the music from oblivion. Many musicians use it...

It's quite obvious that you prefer the real thing when it comes to drums, hence you chose to play them yourself on your last two albums. I must also say that you pull it off rather well, as I enjoy hearing you smash the kit into oblivion on your albums. Is it an instrument you enjoy playing? And What do you think of programmed drums?

Yeah, blastbeats are my thing, haha. Also I prefer the “old blastbeat”, obviously. My main problem has always been the lack of rehearsal place for drums. Which is noticeable on the last 2 albums, although I'm hoping for better circumstances on the next recording... As I've already mentioned, my main occupation & pleasure is screaming, also playing the bass guitar, and for the last few years, destroying the drum kit for sure. Programmed drums can be OK. In my case, I use them in Guitar Pro as midi paths for my tracks, but I always value real drums, even sloppy, instead of programmed drums...

How would you describe the musical progress between each album/release? Are you happy with the results of your latest album, “The Lucifer Within”? What does it represent lyrically and what are some of your favourite tracks? It's actually one of my favourite black metal albums of the year.

The progress between all the albums/releases can be taken from some aspect, but in a way, they are all the same to me. There's a slight difference and progress in production and sound on each release, but generally not much has changed and that was the goal. Every recording won't be the same, different studio, different drum set, etc., but basically it's the Angelgoat sound.

Yeah, I'm generally satisfied with the results. As usual, something remains unfinished, but there's always a next recording. Anyway, there's a special satisfaction and a feeling when it's known that it's finally recorded 10 years after the material is even made for that album. The lyrics even longer... And when it's about the lyrics, the lyric of the “The Lucifer Within” track speaks of something inner, that inner belief, the thing I carry in my inner-self and what is the essence of me. The rest of the lyrics are of similar thematics: Satanism, occultism, Goat worship, anti-christianity, blasphemy, desecration, perversion, death... I I think “The Lucifer Within” track have the strongest riffs, it's a self-titled track for a reason. One of my favorite tracks from the album, as it represents Angelgoat's style in it's best light (darkness). It's the same with the self-titled track from the U Slave Satane” album. “The Night of Ritual Debauchery” has a special vibe and atmosphere. I'm also very pleased with the intro, and aside from the tracks I've already mentioned, the tracks that could also be singled out a bit more are “Supreme Satanic Will” or ”Glory to the Horns”... Some tracks are maybe more dear to me than the others from the album, but all the tracks are very special to me. The track which is a bit different, is the ”Black Goat Semen”, where my brother Nekro of Goat Terrorism made a great contribution to the album with his guest appearance. Cool, I'm really glad to hear that...


How do you manage to conjure such an heavy and evil guitar tone?

It was a real revelation when I tried the Metal Zone MT2 for the first time many years ago. That was it and I'm still using it more then 20 years later. The slight difference between the sound on the albums are the different guitars. Ibanez on 1st, Jackson on 2nd, and B.C.Rich on the third album. Some minimal adjustments in mastering and that's it. The sound of Angelgoat that will be heard on all future releases.

Tell us a bit about your vocal approach. Do you practice regularly? What's some of your biggest inspirations?

Only the vocals on “U Slavu Satane” album were recorded after rehearsing it with a full line-up. And that recording session was basically just me screaming for about half an hour... All the things are done in a sort of “punkish” style, on “1,2,3 and record”. All other recording sessions are done the same way, but just without the rehearsing. Similar with recording the instruments... Which is not OK, for sure, but that's the way it was. My vocals reached maximum before I even started recording anything. But, I was forcing it and I've destroy it years before the first recording. No particular influence nor inspiration...

Tell us something about where you grew up and what the metal scene was like in your area.

Vrbas is a small town, former industrial center, about 25000 people, really nothing special. And the metal scene was always pretty weak. Besides Angelgoat, there was one more Black/Death/Trash Metal band, but just for a short period existed, with the one rehearsal demo. There was one good Trash/Speed Metal band called Toxic Trace, split up some time ago, and now there's just one more active similar genre band called Haste...

Has the NATO bombing of Serbia had any impact on the nature of your music or influenced you as a person?

No, no, I would never use the lyrics of such nature. There's no place for politics in music, by my opinion, but even generally I do not remember that there were some Metal bands with such lyrical thematic. Although some non-metal bands, yes. In general, people in Serbia are embittered cause such act, bombing and destroying, and the certain hate to USA definitely exists. I'm not indifferent on such idiotic behaviour, but it had no influence on me...

Musically, what are some of your biggest influences? Are you influenced by any Serbian bands?

A big influence is Beherit, of corpse. The band I respect the most. There are more bands that had an influence on me, bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone or Marduk (some certain periods/albums only) but I never wanted to have any sound influence by any band under my work. Maybe Angelgoat have a similar sound to some of the aforementioned bands, but there was never such an intention, just simply creating the music I worship. No influence by the band, only by the Devil, hah!

When it's about the Serbian scene and bands... Maybe I could mention Heller, Serbian Speed/Trash Metal band from the 80s. Often I use one comparison when I speak of Heller – What's Sodom for Germany, that's Heller for Serbia.

I have noticed a trend among the online community of metalhead sheep to hate on certain cult bands with the intention of impressing their peers. It's contradictory in how some of these people can apparently listen to bands that were influenced by the bands they bash. It makes no sense at all. Your thoughts?

Like you said it well – a sheep, as everywhere else, there's always some smart guy, spoiling and trolling. Not even worth the attention, but let's say few words about them, when we are already speak of them. I guess it's a wrong way to elevate themselves in society, so they strive for trolling. A lot of cult bands that are literally the firms today, and all they do, they do for the money. It's a business now, and it's not the same bands from the beginning. Without the same passion, feeling, the essence,... nothing is the same. Anyway, it's a reason for someone to take the opportunity and express his “opinion”. Whatever that opinion may be. But again, such persons should not be given attention.

Tell us a little a bit about how you perceive Satanism. Do you believe in Satan as an actual deity or is it more of a personal symbol that reflects your darker side? Do you approach it as a religion? What brought you to this path?

After many years of practice of Satanism, in many forms, the Occultism in general, exploring, discovering and learning, the certain attitudes about this matter are built. I believe in Satan, with those personal views of mine, but this is a topic which I don't tell much about.

As concern of religion... Satanism can be considered as sort of religion, of corpse, but definitely not as one of the religions today. Generally it's all based on smaller cults, or an individual practitioner which is often the case... My case, for instance.

Strange are the ways of the god” some says, but even stranger are the ways of Lord Satan who brought me to this path...

What are 10 albums you can't live without?

I'll mention some of my favourite albums and releases in general. Beherit – “Drowning Down the Moon”, “Dawn of Satan's Millennium” EP, Archgoat - “Whore of Bethlehem”, although I worship more the earlier works, more dirtier, like the “Jesus Spawn” demo, or “Angelcunt” EP, or unreleased EP “Hymns To Darkness”. But the sound on “Whore of Bethlehem” is just awesome. Bestial Raids - “Prime Evil Damnation”, but all releases are really great, a great band. Beastcraft - “Into the Burning Pit of Hell”, the sound is amazing, but I also worship 2 previous demos maybe even more. Mayhem – “Deathcrush” demo, earlier works, also live albums like “Live in Leipzig” or “Mediolanum Capta Est” remained into remembrance. Darkthrone – “Under a Funeral Moon”, but I was into later albums quite much, like “Ravishing Grimness” or “Sardonic Wrath”, and I've stopped listening the band after that album... Marduk - “Those of the Unlight”, special feeling when this album is about, although I prefer more period with Legion. Astaroth - “Sklavengott”, but also the EP “Christenfeind”. Heller – “Heller”, the best Serbian Speed/Trash Metal album ever, and as the last, an album that left a special impression on me, and that is “Some Wounds Bleed Forever” from the Stone to Flesh. Demos are recommended as well...

What is your stance towards social media? Many people seem to take full advantage of these platforms to promote their bands to the fullest and some become overnight rockstars. I have noticed though that you mostly prefer to stay out of the spotlight, which is respectable.

I find myself communicative and I like to chat and hang out, I'm active on some Metal forums, but when it's about social media like Facebook or similar, I would rather use my time better. When it's about the band, it's enough to have one official web presentation (a must have today), which will also be as prevention of the circulation of disinformation and all kind of crap on the internet. Who wants to find me or Angelgoat on the internet, he will find.

If I recall correctly, you attained a serious injury some years ago (I think you fell or something). Could you please specify exactly what happened and how long it took you to recover?

Yes, it was almost 11 years ago by now, and some consequences are still present, which causes health problems for me from time to time. It was about 98% recovery, but still, it was a fall from 10 meters height. Not much to tell, too much beer and shitty luck. Big price I had to pay, took me quite some time to recover and return to normal life. But that's the past now. The worship of the Angelgoat continues.

I appreciate the black and white covers of your albums, and I'm glad you didn't opt for colourful artworks like so many modern black metal bands seem to do. How important is the visual aspect and why do prefer the more simplistic approach?

The simplistic approach to the covers is a logical and natural choice for this kind of music. (And also by my taste, of corpse.) The minimalism is something that permeates my life and is something that can be heard in the music I make. My approach to composing riffs is straight-forward. It's the same with the covers, simple essence and that's it. The visual aspect is also very important and definitely it should be some ultimate photo/image for the cover. The album cover should speak for the release.


Your thoughts on the following:

Monotheism - Belief in one god, but from different points of view. Many names, but basically it's the same. From the christian side or from the other, Satanic side. Fuck god - hail Satan!

US Politics - US politics are some of the most idiotic for sure. Like most politics, of course, but these idiots are definitely the worst. Waste of time and words on this topic...

Anton LaVey - Anton LaVay was smart (Aquarius ascendant) and with the energy of Ram, he was achieving his goals. But many Satanists don't see his philosophy/religion as Satanism. Neither I had a positive opinion about him and his work, and also don't find it as Satanism, but after studying a bit deeper, he had a few valid points in regards to other things. There's a certain respect, but there's a lot of other minds I would rather study.

Nergal/Behemoth - Ok, few words and opinion about Nergal of Behemoth. As a Gemini, I see him as person variable nature and a versatile person. Great guitarist, very smart, with some his views I agree, with some I’m not... I respect him cause his Crowleyanity...

What are some of your favorite albums from the last 10 years? Do you have any favorites from 2020 so far?

Some titles really worth mentioning, that I can think of right now... Perverted Ceremony - “Sabbat of Behezaël”, Doombringer - “The Grand Sabbath”, but demos and EP are also definitely worth checking out, 13th Moon - “Abhorrence of Light”, with 2 previous demos...

From 2020., "Death Clan OD" from Serpent Noir, in which I've enjoyed pretty much.

As I understand it, you recently moved to Belgrade. So far, how's experience with the metal scene and people there? Is it a nice city to live in? Are there any like-minded manijaks with a penchant for Satan and morbid Black/Death?

Yeah, the relocation was necessary to improved the functioning of the band and a greater worship of the Goat! Serbia is a small country, and sadly only 2-3 towns actually lives. No life in small towns. For about 20 years I was visiting the Belgrade, gigs and friends, and I already had some contacts there, the adequate individuals and option now to gather the horde for Angelgoat, so that was the best solution. Also when it's about the question of job – more options. But every start is hard, so maybe next release will took some time, but expect it for sure 666%!

I could keep going, but I'll stop here for the sake of everyone's well being :) Few people have the patience to read a 60 question interview. Can you imagine that? Well, I hope you had a good time with these questions. Tell us about your future plans and where all the maniacs can get hold of your merchandise and music. Slava Angelgoat!

Hahah, you are definitely right there, no one likes the long interviews... Except the few maniacs as you say. Yeah, it was a cool and really nice chat with you, and thanks for the great support. Keep checking the updates on official website, some great news coming up soon! Slava Satan! Slava Angelgoat!