26 Oct 2020

Album review: Angelgoat - Primitive Goat Worship (2017)


Angelgoat – Primitive Goat Worship - Full Length (2017)


Grom Records

"Primitive Goat Worship" is Angelgoat's second full length, and was released by Grom Records in 2017. I like all the band's releases, but this is my favourite from them. This is also their heaviest and most evil sounding record in my opinion. If you look at the band's song titles and imagery, it's quite evident that the band is about one thing and one thing only: the adoration of Satan and darkness. Now to the average person this might seem like some cheap gimmick, although I can assure you, the band is deadly serious about their craft. Fortunately, the music also speaks for itself, as "Primitive Goat Worship" offers a style of no-frills black metal that's about as true to the genre as it gets. A very raw and apocalyptic atmosphere permeate this album, with songs comprised of heavily distorted guitars, maniacal screams, and an incredibly menacing bass tone. The drumming is also very well-performed and vigorously drives the music at militant speeds, but also switches it up enough to keep it interesting. This is master-class black metal and while there's nothing really “innovative” about it, the music has a propensity for sounding deliciously and fiercely evil. Musically, Angelgoat can be compared to bands like (old) Darkthrone, Maniac Butcher, (old) Mayhem, Goat Semen, Archgoat, etc., without actually sounding like those bands. Sure, there's a commonality as far as playing black metal, but Angelgoat has a distinct sound that also borrows a lot from classic speed metal and thrash. I love the guitar tone on this album. Worth mentioning is the fact that all instruments were performed by one sole maniac known as Unholy Carnager. That being said, he definitely did a terrific job. All in All, this is an essential album and recommended for maniacs into primitive and ugly black metal. (HT)